Sunday, April 8, 2012

We are all the same

A comment from a reader:  I am so lonely. I live alone and feeling isolated. I am so lonely that tears are falling. When I think about my life, thinking that I might have to live alone like this forever, I just don’t want to go to work and stay inside my bed. And I wish I never wake up. Those I care about don't like me and even at work there are discrimination. Why do I have to suffer and be in sorrow? The world without love is sad isn’t it? God you should understand by now. Individual’s sadness, loneliness is like this. I’m not sure how much longer I can stay like this.

My impression to this comment: I would like to say to this person that God feels that same. 
God is also alone. We must bring something to life with our own mind and heart. Everything starts from giving. That is the key to life. 
 God was also lonely for billions of years. The dark universe went on for forever.  This is the same situation as you are in now.  But one day, god decided to stop waiting for something to happen. He started to bring out the feeling into sounds (vibrational energy). And thouse sounds resonated around the universe creating sound waves. The sound waves gave birth to many things. During a long long extensive period of time the stars were born. And more time had pasted and humans were born. The ultimate source, the Root God who created the gods and goddesses had also created humans. And it is all designed for the individuals to experience everything in a shorter period what the Root God had experienced in a longer term.  Thus, you are now experiencing the dark days of the Root God.

    The sense of loneliness will reach its peak and from there a big bang will occur. At this point, when you try to find a solution outside of self, in other words, if you depend on others or some sort of religion and try to escape from the truth, your loneliness will never disappear. The big bang will not occur and you will have to continue smoldering. After experiencing passivity, dependency for many years or life times, one day you will say to yourself “enough.” Then the big bang will occur from your inner voice. One should not depend on a god figure. A god figure is something you care for and defend/protect. When you have the hearts to care and protect something or someone, you are actually caring and protecting yourself. This is one law of the universe.

     You might be thinking, just tell me what I should do now without all that distant story. But as long as you cannot care for your innate god and your ancestors, you will always feel lost and dissatisfied. You might think, once you become rich, own a company, get married … everything will change. But that is not true. These material things cannot fill your heart in a true sense. Everyone goes through birth, aging, sickness and death. Even though you have no money, experiencing unjust or illness, as long as you could feel your god within and your ancestor and have the sense of giving thanks, you will start to change. Go go go! Emanate the sense of gratitude from within. Then your life will certainly change.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live