Saturday, December 8, 2012

Having the awareness would create safety

NEW ARTICLE written today.
    The earthquake that occurred yesterday on December 7th, 17:18 at Sanriku-oki was M7.3. The type of earthquake is called the outer-rise. It is the outer area of the Japan Sea and the rising area of the Pacific Plate. According to the specialists this type of earthquake has a potency to repeat itself for several times. And because it is created at the bottom of the ocean, there would be also the possibility to create high tsunami. It was creeping through out the Pacific Ocean side in a very long area.

    As I had mentioned on the 1st of December, this months has few astronomical events.
(1)        Dec 4,5,6 – Jupiter, Mercury and the comets influences. The effect on Earth would depend on the sunspot occurrence.
(2)        Dec 12,13. New Moon and the tide changes. Need to observe in a calm manner.

(3)        Dec 24,25,26. Pay attention to the gravity pull from the Moon.

   The character of this month is that the event does not occur in one day but comes in a set of few days. If we could pass this month safely, it means that we succeeded in turning our luck around.
   The earthquake occurred right after the dates of (1).  From this we learn that a day before or a day after the gravity pull would be the day to “pay attention.”  We still have (2) and (3) coming. Around Dec 12 and 13, the influence/pressure on the plates from the tides would be very large. Pay attention to the grounds/plates from the 11th to the 14th.

   Every month, the 11th is a Watch Out day. So lets be cautious from tomorrow the 9th to the 14th and observe the natural phenomenon in a calm manner. 

   The strong winds are another concern.  The recent strong winds are extreme like we have never experienced before. I believe it has to do with the ice melting at the poles that is causing extreme low temperature ocean current.

    Prepare for keeping the house warm in case of black outs. Children and elders would be the first to become weak and could be fatal. Consider buying sleeping bags that has the capability to hold heat under minus 10 .

(written on Dec 1st) 
    Another event starting from this month is that we will be seeing more and more UFOs. I am sensing that the UFOs would be visiting individuals even in Japan. Even if you don’t see one, there will be more people experiencing transfixed, bound hands and feet type of experience during their sleep. Actually I had heard the sounds this morning around 3am ~5am, there were numerous groups of UFOs arriving above Japan. It was a very real ultrasonic wave like I had never experienced before. And I felt like they were accessing into my brain. This was quite unexpected. The time has come where these things start to happen. Interestingly enough, after this experience, my concern about the international conflicts had decreased. It is no longer the time for us neighbors to be fighting. It is the time for all of us to prepare for the Earth change.

   You might think this is too unrealistic and foolish. But start a habit to look up the sky. You will start to notice some unusualness. You will start to notice and actually feel the shift of dimensions on this planet. There will be a lot of dreamy nights.
   Continue to emanate the energy of gratitude. This is most important in order to save humanity. All the social problems are only for us to become more aware of being thankful. 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The path to reach the heart of Kami

    There are numerous religions and methods that have been introduced to the world from the ancient times. Most of those teachings were about believing in a savior outside of yourself and not inside your heart. When you believe in something outside of yourself, there are many risks and dangers that come along with it. People spend a lot of time, money and efforts for a long time only to realize one day, is this really the right way to live? Why am I still unfulfilled? Even if you are happy with the religion you believe in, the future is uncertain. What will come at the end? Are you sure your will reach the righteous god(Kami)? All religion will say beautiful things. But in truth, when you rely on anything outside of yourself, it is a gamble.

    Then what belief would bring you safely to the righteous god without any risk? It is the path from your innate god through the pipeline of your ancestors. Only from your innate god, would you reach the Root, the origin of all things. When you trust your innate god, you will start to sense the greater god rather than the god created by humans. When you start to sense that, you will finally feel the absolute comfort being in the realm of reality.

    When you worship your ancestral spirits with gratitude, the pipeline that reaches to the Root source will be cleared. You will start to feel grounded in a true sense. You will start to encounter numerous moments in gratefulness. Maybe those things were already there and you are simply starting to realize it. You will start to “know” the true meaning of happiness.

    When you continue the gratitude sending to your ancestors, you will naturally start to sense your personal god within. Then you might find another god related to your innate god who has been supporting you. Your direct communication with god(s) will start.

    Seek a god within yourself and simply send gratitude to an outer god. Worshiping your ancestral spirits with gratitude is the fasted way to become one with god. Your strongest influence comes from your direct ancestral line. And ascending that stream is the only way to reach the state of god.

   The oldest spiritual essence used in the very ancient times is “gratitude” and “yorishiro – 寄り代”(a place for the spirits to stop by to repose for while).The path that I am introducing here includes these essences. “Yorishiro” is a hidden technique that is the basic secret source in ancient Shinto (Ko-Shinto).

    Ancestral worship using tanzaku as a “yorishiro” will actually reach your ancestral spirits. It has a very strong practical power. It is most powerful because you are reaching the spirits who has the strongest fate with you. The occultic rituals created in the past few hundred years are very immature and in no comparison.

    If you feel offended or feel fearful to this simple act of ancestral worship with gratitude, please don’t do it at all.

    For those who have a strong belief of other ideas or are deeply influenced by the World of Ghosts, will not agree to what I am saying. If you could simply send gratitude to all the daily matters that occur in life, that would be good enough.

    Most people will not feel anything and are able to continue with a warm heart. However, in the process, some of you might feel uncomfortableness. That is due to the ancestors’ or your spiritual dust that you are carrying. If you continue with compassion to your ancestors, it will eventually fade away. This process is necessary to prepare yourself to be “baptised” by the spiritual radiation from the sun.

    The spiritual radiation from the sun is getting stronger. From now on, human will be divided into two ways. Those who become younger at heart and those who become mentally disordered. Financial wealth has nothing to do with it.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

*Kami means god/deity/great spirit

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