Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Secret of Hakusan (Mt.Haku) part 1

The sacred mountain Hakusan was the first land that was born which later expanded to become the Chain of Islands of Japan. The original energy form of earth god is Ōkunitokotachi-Ōkami. After he created the whole landscape of this planet earth, he rested on the area where it is now called Hakusan. From there the Chain of Islands of Japan arose and expanded. In the beginning, it was a very different shape from what we see today.

Hakusan arose and the land was created around the mountain all the way to Ise spreading long and narrow to the other end that went very close to the Chinese Continent. Hakusan was three times taller at this time than what it is today. But size of the skirt of the mountain is almost the same as today.This land is directly connected to the chain of mountains, the key line that I have been talking about between Ise and Hakusan, is the center of Honshu (the main continent of Japan).

One side of the skirt spreads all the way very close to the Chinese Continent. Eventually through numerous events of land shifts, the long and narrow land made a right turn and stabled itself to what we see today as the Chain of Islands of Japan. It settled in a shape of a giant dragon that represents the energy form of the god of earth, Ōkunitokotachi-Ōkami.

The god who resides on Hakusan that is the origin of Japan is called Hakusan Kukuri-hime-Ōkami. She rarely appears in any of the mythologies that has been passed on. A very mysterious goddess. She had been intentionally hidden by Amatsu-Kami who created the Japanese culture. But the word “Kukuru”, this ancient word vibrational energy, was left for us to “know” from her name. “Kukuru” comes from “Kukuri-hime”. Hime means goddess or princess , female or hidden, secret. Kukuri or Kukuru means “to gather, or bring together, bind, bundle”.

This secret tells us that Kukuri-hime is NOT the only true god that exists. But it is true that Amaterasu-Ohomikami is the most important god at this epoch of today. And it is also important to know that they are Goddesses.

The secret of Hakusan can also be understood through the works of Taicho-Daishi. I sense that he possessed the greatest psychic ability of all times in the Japanese history, who was able to connect with the sources of The World of Gods.

He was the man who opened Hakusan. When I say “he opened,” it means that he was the first man to train Shugendo in this mountain. He prayed to the god of Hakusan and established Buddhism on this ground. He sensed the Eleven Headed Kannon Bosatsu in Hakusan. The divine vibrational energy level of this Bosatsu is 11. It is the same level as Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami, the highest level that could be perceived by a human being. The true identity of the Eleven Headed Kannon Bosatsu is one form of Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami. The reason why the supreme god appeared in a Bosatsu figure is because it was a severely difficult time for the Japanese people and the god decided to show them a figure through the popular religion at that time to help ease the pain. Therefore the Eleven Headed Kannon Bosatsu of Japan and India has a totally different significance and the level of vibrational energy is also different.

Another story is that in the very ancient times, Hakusan was the center ground of Japan to hold spiritual ceremonies. The supreme god, Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami was worshiped at this sacred ground. However, when the conquerors arrived to this place, they destroyed and closed the place. Until the arrival of Taicho-Daishi, it was a place of taboo. A strong fate of this place can be preceived.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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