Friday, September 19, 2008

Sun Goddess - Amaterasu-Ohomikami

My favorite person, Munetada Kurozumi has written a poem using the letter 「太」several times when writing Amaterasu-Ohomikami. 「太」means bold or abundantly inflated. Sun is 「太陽」which also uses the same letter. The fact that the letter 「太」needs to be used in describing 「天照太御神」* Amaterasu-Ohomikami can only be understood when you actually sense the deity. I need to use this letter. This is the only adequate letter to describe the deity. I cannot explain it in words.

( 「天照太御神」is commonly written as「 天照大御神 」without the dot in the middle of the letter 「大」.「大」 basically means big, large or great. 「太」means big, bold, bord, abundantly inflated. The sun is 「太陽」which means "abundantly inflated Yan energy".)

Amaterasu-Ohomikami is the actual name of the deity, and the word itself creates a powerful kotodama. These ten letters (in Japanese) each have divine meanings. Out of the ten, the special ones are:

ア A = Beginning of the universe.

ラ Ra(La) = The current civilization. This 6000 years of earth civilization. The World of the Sun God is the leading role in this civilization. La= The sun god.

ス Su = The Root God. It sits in the middle of the ten letters.

ホ Ho = Hoto is the female organ. It means “birth” and “embrace”.

At Ise Izawa-no-miya, I witnessed the circle of light of Amaterasu-Ohomikami. There is no sense of sex but my impression was “motherhood”. Amaterasu-Ohomikami is commonly written as Ōmikami but it has to be Ohomikami . That gives the correct kotodama.

When you say it, emphasize these four letters. Say it in your mind, on the train ride as you go to work or while you are caught in traffic in your car. Say it again as many times as you like when you feel the sun in the morning. It will be effective.

From now on, all gods including Buddha, Bosatsu (Bodhisattva) will return to the Root. Before the recurrence, they will gather at Amaterasu-Ohomikami.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live


Pedro Teixeira da Mota. said...

Hi. Salutations and graces,,,
From where appears the letters La, in Amaterasu Ohomikami?

Graces for all!

Sazareishi said...

Ra(La) is actually pronounced same in Japanese.