Sunday, September 21, 2008

God is a fluid light

Q.. How are the Japanese Gods dressed?

A.. I have never seen a true god dressed nor in a human-like figure. I only see a shape of a fluid light or shall I say the light is forming a fluid shape. When I see something that forms a human-like figure, I immediately leave the place. The lower level existence tends to take the shape of a human figure.

From my experience, the color of the light is important. The existence cannot control its color. They cannot pretend to be another color no matter what. I can only tell the color when I have the permission.

Q.. What is a dragon ? Is it an entity that we cannot see in this dimension? Or did we use to have them on this earth plane?

A.. When the deities move around, the energy warps just like the flare on the surface of the sun. The ancient people were able to see this movement of energy and described it as dragons. There is another type of dragon figure entities that is the spirit of dinosaurs. 「竜神」is a spirit of dinosaur. There are two different dragon spirits. 「龍神」and「竜神」.
They can both be read as Ryujin, a dragon entity, but it is a totally different entity. 「竜神」has once had a physical body of a dinosaur in the ancient time. It comes from the World of Ghosts. At present, I sense that chickens inherit this dinosaur’s spirit body and DNA. At The Grand Shrine of Ise, they keep chickens free at the sacred ground which has to do with the sun worship tradition. Knowing that they have the spirit of dinosaurs, makes me feel excited and in wonderment. 「龍神」has never had a physical body. It is another form of divine energy. It looks like a dragon when it is moving from one place to another twisting its fluid energy body. The people in the ancient time were able to see this. The ranks of these two spirits are quite different.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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