Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Q… During my high school and college years, I had social phobia and depressed most of the time. When I couldn’t communicate with people, I became depressed. Sometimes, it was so severe I couldn’t even sleep. Three years ago, I went to a psychiatrist who prescribed me anti-depression pills. I continued to take them for six months but it didn't really help. I know I had to do something about it, so I researched about the idea on “ki (chi)” energy. I started to do yoga and chi-gong exercises and another exercise called shiko-fumi (stamping of the ground done in Sumo wrestling) 100 times. The shiko-fumi is said to ground one’s energy. I also have been going to acupuncture treatment. In addition, I started the ancestral worship with gratitude after reading your book. As a result, I don't know what is really working for me, but I am less depressed and enjoying my daily life. My major at school was in the field of science and I plan to work in the same field. Therefore, I didn’t believe in the ideas about spirits and chi energy that I cannot see with my own eyes. However, recently, I couldn’t stop thinking that the experiences I had have something to do with the invisible energy. It is just my feeling, but I would appreciate if you could help me to understand a little more.

A.. This kind of depression, most of the time, comes from having lost souls in your ancestral pipeline. In his case, his problem started around the growth period. Most of the time, this means it’s not a physical cause. The descendents who have parents with expectations tend to be influenced by his/her ancestral spirits. Stop the gratitude sending to your ancestors and try doing just the other exercises. You will find out that the exercises only work for a while. Eventually the depression will come back on you.

The lost souls are not enjoying giving a hard time to their descendents. While you are alive, you might have sworn not to interfere with your descendents’ lives. However, when you die, you might think differently. All the people who exist here today are a result of something like a super complicated lottery that picked the combinations from time before time. The line that created You is only one line of combinations, that is your family line. On this single line, all of your ancestral spirits reside. When you die in peace with no regrets, you are able to choose another spirit line for your own growth. However, when you are not in peace and lost, you will remain in the same family line. The more lost souls in the ancestral line, the harder the descendents’ lives will be. When the pipeline is plugged, the spiritual force from the Root cannot reach you. All creatures derive from the Root. The breath from the Root becomes the life force for all humans.

Some people pay a lot of money to some ghost busters, trying to get rid of the lost souls. This is not the right way to solve your problem. Instead, it will worsen the situation. The only way to solve your situation is by sending gratitude to your ancestral spirits. This will clear your pipeline and increase life force.

Modern science understands only the surface of the magnetic fields. I sense that magnetic fields contain memories of the past and future. I sense that the human’s DNA, that format a physical body, is affected by his/her individual magnetic field. I believe this idea will be the key to elucidate the mystery about the universe. It will influence the concept of space and time. With the limiting knowledge of today’s science, the truth about the spirit world cannot be comprehended.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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