Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shamballa Tribes

This morning, I was driving my car to go to work. It was a nice sunny day. Just when I started to feel something was different from an ordinary day, I saw a belt of light coming up from the ground. It was going up and down as it was scanning the pedestrians. It looked like it was examining a patient. This light belt scanned through me as well on that same day. The light was coming from the ground and not from the sky. It felt like it was checking the soul’s history and the current status of consciousness. It felt like it said, “I’ll be back”. Then a vision came into my mind.. ancient Hakusan. In this vision of the ancient time at Hakusan, there was a ceremonial ground. This ground constitutes the heart and soul of Japan. The scene was people worshipping the highest god of the World of God, Amenominakanushi-no-kami. Two stone pillars were standing and a woven rope made out of tree bark was tied up in between.

Then one more pillar stood behind the two. From that place looking towards the Japan Sea, Noto peninsula was larger than that of today. It was further out almost reaching close to Korea and China. The priest of this ceremonial ground was a Reijin* . The priest and the tribe of this Hakusan Kingdom sensed the coming of a sudden attack from another tribe, and escaped into the underground tunnel to another dimension, to the phantasmal “Shamballa”.

After the earthquake in Noto peninsula, “the blood stream” has started to flow again between Ise and Hakusan. This line is the main artery of the original divine spiritual body of the chain of islands of Japan. The blood stream will eventually run through the entire body, the whole of Japan. This means the origin god of Japan, Kunitokotachi-Okami, will wake up and start to move.

I sense that the tribes in Shamballa are searching for the right people to be riding the dragon shape body of Kunitokotachi-Ōkami. They are looking for the people who care for the things that are taken for granted and, who have the sense of gratitude. Half of 2007 has ended. The other half seems to be like the closer time of the long long journey of the human souls. From 2008, turbulent times will come.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Reijin 霊人: During this time (apprx. 300,000 yrs ago), humans were all half spirit half physical and transparent. The spirit part was the main function. The one’s that shine brighter than others were selected to become priests.

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