Friday, July 25, 2008

The Days of Miroku (Buddha of the Future)

Q.. Are we getting close to The Days of Miroku?

A.. When The Days of Miroku comes close, the temperature will rise. There are many discussions on what this is. Please understand this is my understanding through my dream world.
When the sunspots become very active the magnetic field of the universe will start to influence the human body as the temperature rises. Changes will occur in human bodies. Each one of us will start to realize the divinity of one-self.

Q.. Why is The Days of Miroku arriving?

A.. We human beings have repeated the reincarnation cycle many times, and the result of it all is Us who live at this present time. Each of us carries the aggregated factors of all the humans and animals that has lived in the past. You are representing all of them. The fruit of it all is us in this circumstance. There is no point or further development in repeating the reincarnation, so making a new start in a new environment has become necessary. For further development and progression, the “Stage” earth can no longer maintain the same environment. So the earth will go into a new stage. The time has come. (This is the end of cycle of reincarnation. This is the end of all karmas.)

When The Days of Miroku comes close, it is the time when your life force and the cells of your body will be reborn by making a round trip between Hakusan(Reverse side. Yin) and Ise (Front side. Yan). You will become younger. This may sound very ridiculous but I am in fact extremely serious. I sense that this Hakusan – Ise line is the very line on earth that will receive the rebirth vibration from the sun. This prophecy was made in the ancient Japanese script Kojiki where it talks about Izanami (the mother of Sun Goddess Amaterasu ) going to Yomi-no-kuni ( The World of Death ) to cure her uterine cancer.

As the radiation from the sunspots of the sun starts to increase, the temperature will rise and the spirit part of human beings will start to awaken. Then everyone will able to see “The Light Pillar of The Grand Shrine of Ise Gegū (Gekū)”.

- In the Days of Miroku, each and everyone is a savior -

The savior that the world is expecting is not just one person such as Jesus Christ, but we all awaken to become the savior. We will evolve to become the Miroku Bosatsu in Buddhism and Jesus Christ in Christianity.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

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