Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Passage of the Humanity 5% Campaign

Around early May of 2007, I received a Divine Order from a Divine Spirit.

1. Increase the number of humans who will consciously become aware of appreciating the common matters in their daily lives.

2. Increase the number of humans who will send gratitude towards god instead of using god as a useful tool to make wishes come true.

3. Let them know that nurturing one’s own innate god already in one’s heart, is far more important than praising a god outside of oneself.

4. Let them know, that as long as he or she is in this dimension, one should console one’s own related ancestors and other spirits by sending prayers of gratitude. By doing so, # 1, 2, & 3 will deepen and he or she will be under protection.

The Divine Spirit gave me a Divine Order to spread this information to reach 3000 people who will act upon it, by the end of 2007. To be precise, the number was 3333 people. Obeying the Order, I started a blog site on the internet. After three months, I started to feel that maybe I will not make it by the end of the year. The retainer of god said I will make it for sure, but I was having doubt. By now, the number of access to my site has reached over 15000, however there are probably some duplicates. By November 2007, I felt the far most number actually acting on the terms were approximately 2800 people. Then in December I actually felt that it reached 3000. From Okinawa to Hokkaido, it felt that the numbers have spread quite equally along the whole chain of islands of Japan.

There is a number 3 in the universal law. I expect that once we reach 3000, we’ve reached the basic seed and it will increase in triples, and speed up the increase.

Right now, when I look at the chain of islands of Japan from space, I feel a very bright spiritual light line between Ise and Hakusan. Just around the middle of Japan, this light line goes all the way across horizontally. The 3000 people are spread across the islands vertically from Okinawa to Hokkaido and they look like little dots of lights. When more people start to bring out their own light, this line of dots will become a very strong light line that runs vertically. At that time, a giant bright cross will complete above the islands of Japan. When this happens the world will change. The most ancient, fundamental of all fundamental - The Root is waiting for this Cross to appear above the dragon figured Japan. Will this Cross complete or collapse? I do not know. It depends on all of our consciousness.

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