Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Mission

(Question from the reader)
Q.. You are said to have reincarnated from the world of Seijin (righteous god) in order to spread this practice of gratitude awareness, but what have you been doing until now?

A.. I was working daily in a company as a salesman. At the same time, on a spiritual level, I had been working on sending the fugutives kenzokus (the retainers/emmisaries) back to the gods’ world. When the Seijins (righteous gods) want to deal with this dimension that we humans live in, because their vibrational energy level is different, they cannot interfere directly. They use a kenzoku to deal between the two worlds. However, since the time of Heisei (1989〜), the Seijins are now able to interfere directly, so they no longer need these kenzokus. The fugutives are these kenzokus that refused to go back to the godly world and chose to stay in this human dimension. This mutiny started about 100 years ago. Although in the spirit world the time is a little ahead of us.

Due to the difference in vibration, gods have used these spirits as messengers, but from now on they will directly work with those who are in gratitude awareness.

I never thought that The Days of Miroku I visioned 20 years ago would come during my lifetime. Around year 2006, the vibrational energy of this world started to change. Especially when I felt the raditaion or vibrational energy from the sun early February of 2007, I was convinced that it had already begun. The key to ease the evolution so we can shift peacefully is to bring out the sense of gratitude in daily matters that we have taken for granted.

This will link to “The ki (chi)of Gratitude towards Kongenshin – the Root God of all source” which should lead to a smooth and easier shift. If we encounter the shift in the consciousness that we know at this present time, it will be a very hard one both for earth and for mankind. So I am eager to spread this practice and that is why I took the liberty of putting out these words “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu” on the internet adding all kinds of interesting stories to attract many people.

My mission is :
∗ To let people know the existence of Gegū at The Grand Shrine of Ise.
∗ To spread the prayer “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu” (“Thank you for letting me be alive” ) with awareness. This is the short cut to manifesting yourself.

If I am able to make people recognize these two points, I have succeeded.

I do not like the idea that only a particular group or a sect of people will be saved. That is a very narrow minded perspective and strange. If the key is to have a “heart of gratitude”, poor or rich, race, country, religion does not matter.

This is my honest feeling. I am now over 40 years old. The things I had written in the past are about what was done before I was 25. At that time, the ghostly spirits were still very active and I was repeatedly reminded of the future through dreams and visions. I always thought that those times would be hundreds of years later. However, since last year, I was shocked to realize that the vision I saw in those days was actually already right in front of me. I have to do something about it………. To realize, the things we think as ordinary that we take for granted, is actually a miracle and all we need is to consciously be thankful for it. So when over 5% of the population chooses to act on it, the future will change.

We don’t have time. The true savior has something that all mankind can understand without cost, without a leading figure and without regard to nationality or race.

In the past, those who attempted to tell the message from the Divine Order have been disturbed and destroyed. Most of the ones reincarnated from the world of Seijin have ended unsuccessfully in this dimension.

In my case, I have reincarnated to serve my purpose (5% campaign) with the other 113 kenzokus(retainers/emmisaries). At present, the World of Ghosts has diminished to 30%. The remaining ones are guarding me. At this time, because the evils still have strong powers, in order to pursue my godly duties, I must do whatever it takes. Just being pure and innocent, I will spiritually lose. However, if you personally do not have a godly mission, then with a simple act of gratitude, you will be saved. For me, it will be more difficult.

My purpose is simply to lead people to use the kotodama (spirit of word vibration/sound) - “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu.”, (best to say it in Japanese because of the kotodama and then in your launguage "Thank you for letting me live", "I am grateful for this life" or similar ) in your mind, or aloud on a daily basis. Say it as many times as you feel you want to say it. And also when you feel the sun, send gratitude as well.

When this is successfully manifested, the conscious mind of all mankind will start to share the same idea. Suddenly, all humanity will start to send gratitude to their own religious god. All gods are connected to Kongenshin, the Root God and so are all human souls.

When this happens, the situation of this planet Earth will change.

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Pedro Teixeira da Mota. said...

Where you translate: on sending the fugutives of the kenzokus

probably should be: on sending the fugitives kenzokus

Thank you