Sunday, July 20, 2008

About 5% Gratitude Awareness Campaign

“Gratitude” is the Key

For many years, I have been working as a salesman. Since childhood, I have been experiencing interference from the spirit world. Until I started working fulltime at the age of 23, I had devoted myself to seeking the spiritual path.

I went through so many encounters and experiences. Even when I look back, I still feel the content of my experiences were dense. I never entered any organization nor association. I practiced all by myself with my source behind me who drew me into various experiences.

Around that time, I was asked by two different Ko(ancient) Shinto sects to lead their group but I declined their offers. At the age of 23 my Shingyō (spiritual training under a god) came to a close. At the last phase of the training , I was given a vision of the future of mankind.

Once I started to work fulltime, I simply focused on sensing my innate god in relationship to the real social world. In the year 2007, a thought came into my mind and I started to write on an internet clip board .

The environment that we live in, is not a result of chance. Even with a very small change in gravity, magnetic field, and the frequncy of the solar radiation, creatures today would not be able to live.

“A Will“ is enabling us to live. A Will is letting us have a life, an individual life that is a reoccuring of wishes, desires, anger and problems.

In this environment, we have repeatedly transmigrated and arrived at this “end phase“ period of time It is not a coincidence that we are alive. There are meanings. We must first be “thankful that we are led to live“ before we pursue our personal goals and dreams. No matter how unfortunate your circumstances are, such as in physical or mental problems, if you start your prayers by sending “Thank you for letting me live“, you will start to see things that will lead you to a realization. You will start to realize that you have a lot of support and have been taken care.

What we are experiencing on this “Stage“ of life is about to change. The ancient people have always offered gratitude to the Stage. Modern day people take the Stage for granted and only think of competition and gain. The Stage has started its rearrangement. By offering our gratitude, I dream that the rearrangement will slowdown and stop. If 5% of the population could send their gratitude, the vibrational energy would spread to the world and stop the change.

“Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu” ( meaning “Thank you for letting us live.”)

This is the kotodama(spiritual incantation). The Stage of the theatre is the planet Earth. 

(Question from the reader)
Q.. You are saying that if we reach that 5% we can avoid the change (negative changes such as global warming )?

A.. That is what I have received as a Divine Revelation.
I have been told that when 5% of the people consciously start sending gratitude, in no time, it will spread around the world. It will bring effect to the subconscious of all human kind. Right now it is less than 1%.(May,2007)
When 5% of all people, consciously continue gratitude awareness in their daily lives, … something exciting will happen.


Pedro Teixeira da Mota. said...

“Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu” “Thank you for letting us live.”

In 2012, can we say that there is already 2%?

Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu

Sazareishi said...

I think a little more by now.