Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Influence from Sun’s Radiation - 2

The Influence from the Spiritual Vibration of the Sun - Part 2

Since the late 1900’s, the immune system of the human body has been going down hill. It will go down even more from now on. There are serious infections going on in the colon bacillus, and many people have died from it. People are no longer able to cope with this fungus that has been around for a long time. Some of the reasons might have to do with using antibiotics and developing resistance. But this is just one small fact. The fundamental reason comes from the sun spot magnetic waves. The strong radiation from the sun is weakening the immune system. Due to this matter, the cause of death by leukemia, infectious disease, influenza and cancer will increase. This spiritual radiation from the sun will influence those with negative thoughts and people who carry a lot of lost souls. The more you carry the lost souls from among your ancestors, the weaker your immune system will become and feel fatigue or become ill. Mental depression is also one of the symptoms. On the other hand, with the sense of gratitude, your ancestors will be at peace and you will feel healthy and become younger.

Whether you have lost souls around you or not, can be found out by doing the kuyō (ancestral worship) with incense. If you start to feel dull, that is fortunate. You will know that you need to work on them. If you didn’t do anything about it, the sun’s radiation would cause you even more serious problem. Once you become sick, it would be too late. It is better to start now, before you have any problems. You will be able to save yourself. This method done in a group of any kind might have an association with the World of Ghosts, and could become have reverse effect. It is best to do it on your own, and have the experience by yourself.

Please decide by yourself whether to pursue the Kuyō with Tanzaku and Incense. I am not telling you that you should do it. The decision has to come from your own wanting.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

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