Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Influence from Sun’s Radiation - 1

The Influence from the Spiritual Vibration from the Sun - Part 1

When I say all the dimensions will merge, it means that all the Worlds of Gods, Spirits, Ghosts and Hell will diminish one by one and eventually vanish, and it will become just one world, the World of Reality. The diminishment of the World of Ghosts is already happening, and the other Worlds are recognizing the shift and starting to move into this dimension of Reality. That is because, it is the only way for them to survive. In order for them to survive in this dimension, they need a living human being to be embodied in. Each spirit from other Worlds will become embodie into the person with the quality similar to them. Rejection or an attempt to expel the spirit will be an impossibility. It seems that this was decided, from the ancient times, as a universal law. Your actions will determine your destiny. Your thoughts and actions will attract the same spirits. This time, it will be an extraordinary possession. There will be no way to hide your inner truth.

“Pretending” will no longer be useful. If you wish to know with whom you will become one, you may observe your own thoughts, habits and actions. One person may become one with the World of Gods. Another person may become one with the World of Hell.

Recently, there was a news story about a high school boy stabbing his own mother. He had a tragic experience. His own home was afflicted by a disaster and collapsed, and he was in terrible shock. Since then, he kept thinking “why am I so unfortunate?” and kept holding a grudge against the world. The result of having those thoughts made a spirit from hell with the same thought incarnated in him. Unlike the past, the possession that is occurring now is very strong. You will have no control over it. Even while he was stabbing his own mother, his self-consciousness could only watch over the incident, and he had absolutely no control of his own behavior.

At the same time, it may well turn over the other way. Even if you have created a sinful act in the past, if you deeply regret it and have reflected on what you have done, and become aware of the gratefulness of being “led to live”, the World of Gods might decide to incarnate in you. In this era, you have a chance to become one with god. In the past, this could never have happened.

When 5% of the population in the world is truly ready to become the body of the World of Gods, the Gear Wheel of Improvement will start to revolve. No matter how hard your life is, if you can be aware that you are “led to live” and be grateful in all matters taken for granted, there will be a change. “To be one with god.” This is Kanagara. The shortest way to manifest this condition is the kotodama, “Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu.”

"Thank you for letting us live."

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