Monday, August 18, 2008

Twenty years of visiting Ise - part 1

Around end of June, a thought came to my mind to visit The Grand Shrine of Ise on August 15th. As a “salary man” and a salesman, holidays without getting emergency calls from clients are limited. In addition, taking a trip with all the family members will be costly and we cannot afford to visit so often. My favorite person, Munetada Kurozumi (1780-1850) visited the shrine in Ise six times during his life. This is amazing. In those days, there were no public access or cars. He had to walk for days or weeks. Sickness, accident, robbery… many possible obstacles are on the way. Actual records of his loan application for the trip still exist. In those days, visiting the The Grand Shrine of Ise was once in a lifetime dream for the commoners. In order to pay a visit to the shrine, people made stops on the way in towns to find work until they had enough money to reach the destination. People who could not visit the shrine for some reason, asked the visitors to take their dog instead. I wonder how many of the dogs actually made it back. If there was, I believe that dog is a true Komainu ( a dog like creature that protects the shrine).

On August 15th, we got up at 3 am and drove off looking at Hakusan (Mt. Haku) from a distance. We took the new Meishin Highway for the first time. It was a really nice and clean new highway. I was surprised to notice the area between Shigaraki, Kouka and Kameyama, full of the vibrational energy of Ise-Hakusan line. It seems like this highway was made in the middle of the untouched wild nature. There are no other place receiving such restorative energy from the universe. Kameyama is where the world known liquid crystal screen was invented and produced. I sense that this is not a coincidence. A place with such good vibrational energy will be the best place to come up with great new ideas. A delicate work such as equal allotment of the liquid crystals may be affected by the energy of the area. No wonder the brand name made in Kameyama has a high reputation.

After several restroom breaks, we reached The Grand Shrine of Ise around 8:30 am. After visiting the main shrine of Gegū, we visited all the other shrines both in Gegū(outer shrine) and Naigū(inner shrine). Then we asked for a formal gratitude sending prayer done by the priest called Daidai Kagura, at Gegū Kaguraden.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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