Sunday, March 1, 2009

Clean your ancestral pipeline with Gratitude

Why is the ancestral kuyō (worship by sending gratitude; read articles in July-08) so important?

I asked the spirits when my mind was very clear and focused. They gave me a vision. It was a vision of the first step of a soul looking for a physical body. The soul is in another dimension. And its innate god guides the soul to this dimension, to the womb of a mother that the soul chooses to go to. The soul tries to harmonize with the vibrational energy of the mother’s body. In this process, the soul has to go through the ancestral pipeline of his/her mother. When this soul who is in an absolutely pure state goes through this ancestral pipeline, if the pipeline in not clear and have wounds (meaning that if any of the ancestors have left any strong negative traces and are still lost souls), the pure unborn soul will absorb all the traces before he/she becomes stable inside the mother womb. These ancestral traces will leave birthmarks or other physical features, influence the DNA and personal characters. The soul holds the absorbed ancestral traces and emanates the spiritual magnetic energy (aura) accordingly to what he/she holds.

The gratitude sending towards your ancestral spirits becomes so important to heal these wounds. Your pipeline will become clear and pure with the vibrational energy of gratitude. Not only does it influence the unborn child, but it can change the life of those who are already out on this plane.

At this day, we are still receiving the spiritual energy from the Root of the Universe through our ancestral pipeline. And it is influencing our physical body every moment of the day. If our ancestral pipeline is not clear with remaining traces of wounds, the energy that you are receiving will be in the same condition. Your family problems are a refection of these wounds. When you clear your ancestral pipeline with gratitude kuyō, your family problem will start to dissipate. Your physical body is renewed every several months. It is possible to change your condition.

More importantly, the essential reason for the act of ancestral worship is to become aware of your connection with the Root God, the source of the Universe. By acting on the gratitude kuyō, you will become aware that you are one with the Root. You can only reach to the Root, when your ancestral pipeline is cleared. Then you reach to the gods and finally to the ultimate Root.

No one else can do it for you. The famous healers or so called masters or any sort of spiritual priests/leaders cannot do it for you. Not only could they help you, but if you depend on anyone outside of you, you are polluting your own sacredness. It is an obstruction.

I find it unbelievable that there are people so called “sensei”(teacher) who teach about spirituality, gods and universe ignoring the ancestral spirits. These people who do not understand the truth of the spiritual process are manipulated by some ghosts who are trying to play god. Those who are not aware of the importance of the ancestral spirits are those with neglected ancestral pipeline.

As long as you live, your relationship with your ancestors are there whether you like it or not. Through your ancestral pipeline is the right and safe way in reaching enlightenment.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for your diligent updates.

In the first sentence, I have accidentaly found "workship."

- Mariko K - said...

thank you fot the correction.