Friday, March 13, 2009

The Savior = Human Race

Before we come into this plane, we promise our innate god that we will make sure to do what we are suppose to do for the sake of the growth as a spirit.

The soul tells the innate god. “This time, I’m really going to do it!” “This time, I’m going to live through. I will promise to do my best!” “Please give me one more chance! I know I can do it this time.”

At this point, the soul is still in oneness with the innate god, who is a derivative of Amaterasu-Ohomikami, having the mutual understanding about what a human journey is about.

Your innate god observes the companion soul and asks the soul, “there are things that cannot be changed. Inevitable circumstances such as family conditions, the country’s conditions you will be born to, or the physical conditions that you will have to deal with. Will you accept all the conditions and still agree to reborn? Are you sure you want to do this?” Your soul agrees to, no matter what happens, he/she will do his/her best.

Half of the condition is fixed. But the other half solely depends on the soul’s effort. Does this scare you? Or does it make you excited?

On the other hand, it is a big gamble for the innate god. For the innate god to come into the World of Reality, it’s almost like experiencing a mini big bang. It has to go through a revolution of the spiritual electro-magnetic field. But the innate god must be in faith and follow the companion soul in order to reborn as a human being. The innate god has to go along with the soul’s wild adventure. The fate of the innate god now lies on the soul’s hand.

Once we enter this World of Reality, our memories before this life time fades away. We no longer have the communication skill to talk to our own innate god. Only slight senses are left. The senses that we feel in our heart. We forget that we carry a part of god inside our body. And hurt other people who carry another part of the same god, or hate oneself and worse kill oneself (= killing one’s innate god).

We now live in a place called Earth. As long as we live on this planet Earth, we are connected to the Earth God (Kunitokotachi-Okami). Half of the fate, the future, of the Earth depends on us. The fate is in our hands.

The Savior is us, human beings. The positive and negative energy of us human beings is gathered and reflected back to this planet Earth. Whether we kill our gods or not solely depends on us. The god is not our savior. We are the savior of the gods.

The Earth God tells me calmly that he will surrender to our decision.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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