Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hidden Shrines of Ise - 6 - The spirit of mutual concessions

When I was around 20 years old, I used to make a round trip from Mt.Miwa in Nara, passing Takihara-no-miya Shrine to Ise Jingu and back to Nara. I made several trips within three years as I was told by my kenzoku.

The Japanese Gods tell me, there are two most important line reflected from the World of the Gods. And it has to do with the movement of the sun.

One of the line is between Awaji Island and Ise Jingu. This line was used by a god who was in charge of Japan for the last three thousand years. As the history shows, Nara is in between this line, and it once became the capital of Japan and this is where the Japanese culture began. On the orbital line of the sun rising from Ise towards Awaji, we could see the traces of the remains of the sun worship, such as an iwakura, shrines and other religious temples.

This line between Awaji and Ise was functioning as a spiritual power line until the end of Showa (~1989). However from Heisei (1989~), the power line has shifted to Ise ~ Haku-san.

Now the Ise ~ Haku-san line has become the Heavenly Power Line. The Awaji ~ Ise line still remains as the Earthly Power Line. Its actual power is still working from underground. The two lines have been taking turns from one civilization to the next.

Looking the other way around, when the Heavenly Power Line switches to the other line, it means that the whole concept of civilization changes.

It had been twenty years since I had last visited the Takihara-no-miya Shrine. It felt a lot different since the time of Showa. Many of the large old trees were gone. Maybe the typhoon knock them down. There used to be a lot of tree fairies. This shrine was also the resting place for Princesss Yamoto-hime-no-mikoto during her journey from Mt.Miwa to Ise.

The shrine reminded me of the super ancient times. Now time has come for this shrine to rest for another few thousand years.

During my trip in Ise, the most memorable thing is the spirit of mutual concessions. In this town, many streets where extremely narrow. Maybe because of this road condition, people naturally learned to be like that. Without the sense of mutual concession, I would not be able to make it to many of the shrines I visited.

This was a message for me about how the world will become. At the end of this chaos, most of the countries will start to have the spirit of mutual concessions and the Shift will occur safely.

I felt a sense of relief and returned home. I was hoping to rest for a while, but that was not the case.

To be continued…

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