Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Secret of the Roundtrip Visit

Haku-san Chukyo-Jinjya in Gifu Prefecture literally means Chu(中)= middle, inside, Kyo(居)= placed, shrine of Haku-san. The shrine resides at the very bottom of Haku-san.

Originally, there were nine gods in nine small hokora(祠) shrine on the trail of Haku-san. Therefore, this shrine is where the nine gods come together. This shrine is the true Haku-san “Kukuri-hime” Shrine. (Kukuri-hime= the hidden secret of “binding”) It is very rare to see a hokora(for Amaterasu-Ohomikami at the Haku-san shrines.

The honden(main shrine) is placed facing Ise. In the ancient times, there was a system in the Gods’ World to bind Ise and Haku-san. The river that runs through the shrine is the spiritual source of the Kuzuryu-gawa (九頭竜川= nine headed dragon river).

Taicho-daishi had witnessed a giant dragon at the Midori-no-ike lake on the top of Haku-san. The lore tells that the true identity of this giant dragon is the Eleven-Headed Kuan-Yin (means=the completed sound). Actually, in my opinion, it is the other way around. The giant dragon is a Giant Black Dragon Deity and it is a figure or a form that takes place as the energy of Haku-san. Depending on who is looking at the figure, it can be seen in a different form. If the person is a Buddhist, it might be seen as a Kuan-Yin. If the person is a Shintoist, it might appear as a Shinto Goddess.

When I visited the Haku-san Chukyo-Jinjya, I sensed the presence of a Black Giant Dragon Deity. The Deity has been guarding Haku-san for centuries. Haku-san=Black Dragon. Ise=Bird.

When this two energy comes together and become one, is turns into a form of a Phoenix. A phoenix is a half dragon, half bird figure.

From now one, we the children of this motherland will bind Ise and Haku-san to creat the New Era of the Phoenix energy. The whole system of the society will change.

We have our own innate god in our heart. On the outside we worship the gods at the kami-dana altar. Human are lazy. We think if we know it in our heart, we don't need to thanks the gods daily. That is not the truth. By taking care and the time to change the water and the sakaki leaves daily, that moment you are one with the gods. It is good to have that moment daily. When you send your gratitude towards the gods at a shrine, you are facing your own innate god. When you send your gratitude towards the gods at your own kami-dana, it is the same. This is the law of the roundtrip energy. You give your energy to the gods and the gods give back to your innate god.

“The energy of gratitude” is the clear and pure energy that will bring back a clear and pure energy to yourself. The wish sending is not good. Believing in a god, savior outside of yourself is a one way ticket. The energy will not come back to you. Thus no growth.

Gods are all in oness.
The god at your altar, the god in your heart. It is the same.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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