Monday, June 8, 2009

Don’t Abandon Yourself

Time is escalating even in other dimensions around this World of Reality. Before, when I peaked into the other dimensions, it seemed as if the time has stopped or paused. But now it is changing.

Until now, when you finish this dimension and experience death, you were pulled up to a dimension like a magnet to where you belong. According to your spiritual growth, each of us go to a different dimension. There, the condition of your heart is fixed and could not experience any growth. You were stuck with your emotion to where you ended this lifetime. And you were in that condition as a spirit for a long long time. When you realize that you have to change your condition to a better one, you decide to go back to the World of Reality as a human being. Taking all the risks of hardships, that was the only way to change and grow. But this is now changing. Time has start moving in other dimensions as well which means that growth and changes are occurring in other dimensions.

How would this effect on our lives?

It means that both good things and bad things will start to reflect on our lives much faster than before. At the same time, your own thoughts and condition of your heart space will reflect in your life much faster.

Your physical body will be affected as well. Both in good ways and bad ways, your condition will change quickly. For instance, if you had cancer, depending on your heart (emotional condition), it could quickly go away or worsen. It is a time, where things will change drastically.

The most important thing at this time is to “trust yourself” and to “take care of yourself.”

When you cannot trust yourself and depend on anything outside of you, it means you have abandoned yourself.

Believing in a god outside of self or going to a magical healer or so called “sensei” and depend on them means you have abandoned your own innate god. So called “sensei” who does magical healing works are 100% sent from evil spirits who are trying to make people abandon their own innate god. The healer themselves don’t even realize that they are used by the evil spirits. Those who have abandoned their own innate god will be abandoned by their own cells. Which means they will become ill.

Even you are in pain and suffering from a dicease, you should trust your own innate god. Together with your innate god, accept what ever comes into your life. If no hardships come, simple be very grateful to your innate god.

From now on, the god inside your heart space will influence your life in a pragmatic manner.

Your Innate God will never abandon you and will continue your journey together after death.

We are already in a safe place with god. Things happen in life only so you could come to realize this once again.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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