Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Heartfelt Thought... 3

While my father was doing business with the hospital in Osaka, Mr.Hamuro was a doctor and a manager of the hospital. Mr.Hamuro had always tried to support my father in many ways. Even after my father’s retirement, Mr.Hamuro kept sending letters trying to continue a friendship. Through my psychic reading, I feel that Mr.Hamuro had some sort of problem with my father in a past life and now trying to make peace. They each carry the karma of Fujiwara and Tachibana Family, so I sense that Mr.Hamuro simply couldn’t stop doing something for my father. He probably didn't know why he feels that way. In spite of Mr.Hamuro’s heartfelt effort, my father still didn’t go to Kasuga-Taisha. It was very interesting for me to see the reaction of the descendents carrying the karma of their ancestors.

In the later days, Mr.Hamuro’s face was like an Okina (翁). Those who have dedicated their life for a divine purpose will turn into an Okina face like you see in the Noh play mask. A very soft, light smile. Only those who had contacted a high rank god spirit above the 7th dimension of the Worlds of the Gods would start to look like an Okina. The present Emperor has started to have an Okina face. Living in this dimension, they already start to look like a god.

I sense that when a god appears in a human like form he would be wearing an Ikansokutai (衣冠束帯), traditional formal court dress, with an Okina face. A goddess would have an Otafuku (お多福) face. A smiling face with eyes slanting downwards with big round cheeks.

The man with an Okina face said “God has already given everything to people. All we need to do is to realize that.” In a way, this is a very tough thing. What happens when he/she doesn’t come to a realization? He/she will only be the way they are or become worse.

A better one or worse, our future depends on each and one of us. 

In the recent election for the House of Representatives, the nation truly worried for the country and made a serious decision. An understanding came to me through this election. I reconfirmed that the god has given his life in our hands of humans. The future can change. It all depends on us. Whatever the result, god will accept.

We must choose to live. We must make an effort to live.

1. By sending gratitude towards our ancestral spirits, through each family spiritual line, the healing energy can spread to all human beings.

2. Pay a visit to the shrine close to where you live (Uji-gami jinjya). You have the fate to live in that area. Therefore you have a relationship with your local god. Send gratitude to your uji-gami (local god). This will help the Kuni-tama (国魂), the god that protects this country, and give him power. This energy will extend to help the Mother Earth to heal as well. Not only will it help Japan, but it will help the world to become a place of peace.

The gods does not help each individual, but he/she will try to protect the leaders, such as the Emperor or the Prime Minister. We chose our leaders. We must be responsible to support them as well.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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