Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Heartfelt Thought brings your Soul to Light

The election of the members of the House of Representatives was held on August 30th. As I was watching the news of the election, something completely different came into my mind.

It was the story my mother spoke to me during our last trip. The story was about Yoriaki Hamuro, the former head priest of Kasuga-Taisha who passed away early this year. For some reason, this story came into my mind during the election news.

I have never read Mr. Hamuro’s books nor had a chance to meet him. But I knew he was an old friend of my father. During a long drive with my mother, we had a lot of time. So I tired to get as much information as possible about this man because her stories were all very interesting to me.

My father and Mr.Hamuro met each other at a large hospital in south of Osaka city. My father was working for a medical supply company and he often visited this hospital. My father became friends with Mr. Hamuro at this hospital and they used to go out for a drink after work. Even after Mr.Hamuro had become the head priest of Hiraoka Shrine (枚岡神社) and Kasuga-Taisha (春日大社), he used to write to my father asking if he would come and visit him to the shrine. My mother said that he did go to visit Hiraoka Shrine but not to Kasuga-Taisha. I remember asking my father why he didn’t want to go to this shrine. He said, “I don’t want to go to a shrine that worships the Royal Fujiwara Family.” My father never told Mr.Hamuro that he was the descendent of a shrine that worships God Susanoo. My father simply kept their friendship as work partners and nothing more. On the other hand, Mr. Hamuro seemed to be more curious about my father.

During the 60’s, my mother said she had a chance to talk to Mr.Hamuro directly at the hospital. At this time, Mr.Hamuro was a well known doctor who succeeded in developing an operation on babies who were born with cleft lip. Many doctors came to this hospital in south Osaka to learn from him.

Mr.Hamuro told my mother that he devoted his work on curing the clept lip because he just couldn’t see a bright future on these babies. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about finding a way to change their lives. This was his vocation.

Through my mother’s story, my understanding was as follows; “The god who created humans must be able to cure an uncompleted lip. There is always a way to solve. Gods are waiting for us humans to find the solutions.” I believe that Mr.Hamuro was determined with this thought.

Such determination and devotion brings great inspiration. He found a method that completely cured cleft lips without using any machines or cellular transplantation. He succeeded by simply using the baby’s own facial skin.

A strong heartfelt caring thought brings great inspiration. To be continued…

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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