Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Place after Death - 1

After one’s death, the soul has approximately 49 days to decide where to go. I sense that this applies all over the world. I call this 49 days the Bardo Period, the transitional time from one dimension to another. In Tibetan Lamaism, there is a Sutra for the Dead. They talk about the 49 days after death in a similar idea.

However, comparing with my memory on life after death, the content on the sutra seems to be a little out of date. Time has passed. Today things has developed and changed since the day the sutra was made.

In a simple manner, let me explain what happens during this Bardo according to my memory and my on time physic vision.

People will eventually die. You and I, we all die at some point. The 49 days after death is a sacred time. A very special time, one can only experience once in every lifetime. You strip off your physical body and become a spirit entity in the same shape and size as the time of your death. During this period, your consciousness also stays the same at the time of your death.

During this period, you will learn to let go of your physicalness and move on as a spirit. As time passes, the senses about your physical body start to disappear. The more you feel less physical, the more your consciousness becomes sharper. You start to remember all the feelings you had in your life. The happy memories and the sad memories, it all starts to come back clearer and sharper. At the end of the 49 days, those emotions will be as ten times bigger than at the time of your death. Your hidden emotions will be revealed, the one that you were avoiding for many years. If you had made others suffer, you will start to feel those pains of others.

Your goodness = innate god, have seen everything and knows everything.

If you had cause pain to others but didn't know about it, you will be shown visually to acknowledge your wrongdoing. The level of sin depends on whether you did it on purpose or not. If you have done it consciously, obviously the pain will be felt more.

Your own innate god, not by anyone outside of you, judges it all.

The problem is, “will you be able to cope those emotions? Are you living your life righteously, so you don’t have to suffer after death?”

If you had given a lot of happiness around you and your family, those emotions will become larger as well. At the end of the 49 days, all of your experiences will be summed up and your innate god will decide your next journey. To be continued…

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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