Sunday, November 8, 2009

Don’t add any negative energy onto yourself

From a reader:
Daughter: “Mom, I want to go to Tenmann-gu(Osaka) before my college entering exam.”
Mother: “Sure. But don’t use the word please let me pass, ok?”
Daughter: “I know mom. I’m going to write, I will pass!! on the Emma.”

This is a proper attitude to pay a visit to a shrine.
The true function of a shrine is to reflect your own thoughts like a mirror. In the mythology, when Amaterasu-Ohomikami’s grandchild Ninigi was going to the World of Reality, Amaterasu gave her a mirror. She said, “Think of this mirror as me, the sun goddess. And keep this on your altar. This will guide your path with light.”

This means: To look at yourself in the mirror once in a while, to check on your actions. Are you truthful to yourself? Have you done anything wrong? If you keep doing this, your path will be guided with your own light and things will go well.

The shrine where god reside = mirror = reflecting back to you. This is what actually happens at a shrine. So if you had said “Please let me pass the exam!, what comes back to you? You are asking a wish to yourself.

When you are asked so many wishes from others, wouldn’t you feel stressed? It’s the same thing when you are asking yourself so many wishes. It’s only adding a minus energy to yourself. You are strangling your own spirit.

So when you say “I will pass the exam”, you are proclaiming. And proclamation will return you a very good plus energy. It’s active rather than passive. You are energizing your own spirit by saying so. If you are able to exhibit your real ability, you should be able to pass. The only reason you don't pass is when you couldn’t exhibit your real ability. When you are asking/begging to pass, the added minus energy might make that happen. Don’t depend on others for your fate.

This applies to other matters like work or health. If you paid to get a healing session, you are only adding minus energy onto yourself. You might be relieved and feel safe that someone got rid of your karma or evil spirits, but in truth, it’s the other way around. You are not set free but only strangling yourself.

At a shrine, it is best to offer your gratitude and nothing else. When you do this, the gratitude energy will come back to you, and you will start to feel grateful for everything.

There is no need to ask for personal desires. Good luck will come to you even you don’t ask for it, if you are acting on goodness. This is one of the secret of this world we live in.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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