Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Journey : Ise ~ Kumano to Tenkawa 12

I concentrated my mind at the riverbank of Tenkawa village. The next moment, I felt a flow of strong divine energy coming from two directions. The flow of energy was like a huge pipeline, one coming straightforward from Mt.Tamaki and the other coming from Mt.Kōya. I used my psychic vision to locate the precise source and I’m sure that it comes from Koujin-take (location:, a small mountain next to Mt.Kōya where God Shiva descent.

At the same time, my psychic vision showed me another view, looking at the Chain of Islands of Japan from the sky and targeting to Kinki District. The straight line of the spiritual energy connecting the “floating island” on the Pacific Ocean ⇔ The Great Waterfall of Nachi ⇔ Tamaki Jinjya leads to a beautiful triangle between Tamaki Jinjya ⇔ Tenkawa village ⇔ Koujin-take. The Chain of Islands of Japan is in a shape of a giant dragon. The triangle is located at the center of her body, the hara (belly) and it is shining in silver. With my psychic vision, I can see clearly that the area is coated in beautiful metallic silver. I felt strange of how clear it was. So I used my power to look close in detail and found out it was made out of mercury. There must be a rich mercury vein lying underground this triangle. I assume the underground water contains mercury as well. From this reason, the local people who drink out of the well might be suffering from neuralgia or arthritis as they age. The mercury triangle would definitely strengthen human consciousness. All the powerful spiritual places have some sort of special magnetic energy that comes from a geophysical source.

There was a reason for the notable monk, Kūkai, to choose Mt.Kōya as his designation coming all the way from Shikoku. He knew the jutsu (術), the technique to utilize the magnetic energy of mercury. He intentionally chose Kōya-san and not to be inside the triangular kekkai (結界), the bounds of the sacred ground, so he could be in control of the ON and OFF between the underworld and the state of consciousness. Inside the kekkai, it is too restrained. (It’s hard to explain in words)

I wanted to dedicate this special journey of the ancient trace from Ise to Kumano・Nara in gratitude to the readers who have been a great support to me. I reaffirmed that The Time has already began for the Great Human Evolution.
Nippon is spiritually a special place on Earth. I sincerely believe that the consciousness arousing from this “Land of the Rising Sun” would become the fundament transcribed to the whole world.

What will happen to the land of Nippon from this time on? Will the nation disintegrate or will it maintain the ancient tradition uniting in harmony by “being grateful for the present condition”? The deities are observing. For them, this era is just a blink of an eye, but for us, it ‘s the biggest turning point.

2010 will be in many ways, a “time of motion.”

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank for letting us live

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