Saturday, December 12, 2009

Journey : Ise ~ Kumano to Tenkawa 5

Takahara-no-miya(瀧原宮) is located a little far out from Ise Jingu towards Kumano. This shrine is located close to the source of Miya River, a spiritually important river that runs through Ise City. Deep in the forest, at the source of Miya River, a highland spreads out, one of the highest amount rainfall in the world.

Naigū has the Isuzu River and Gegū has the Miya River as an important spiritual stream. At the top of Miya River is the Takahara-no-miya shrine. Goddess Seoritsu-hime(瀬織津姫) who is the derivative of Susanoo decends only to a clean river and take away the spiritual filth from the area.

Takahara-no-miya shrine is protecting the source of the stream that purifies Gegū. In my youth, I used to visit this shrine many times. It is a spiritually beautiful place surrounded by chains of mountains. I can see several small rainbow color light pillars coming out from the earth. It is a true sacred ground. And with my psychic eyes, I can also see the maidens of the Imperial Court with many guards walking along this forest from Nara to Ise. Every time I come here, I see the same vision. This tells me that this shrine is not so old. I knew that there must be another location around the Miya River that has an ancient trace. So I did some research and found out about Takihara-jinjya(多岐原神社). The shrine is located few kilometers away from Takahara-no-miya. It is a small shrine near Miya River. When you walk down from this small shrine to the river, you will find a riverbed with big stones spreading out. You can also see a pretty waterfall on the other side. When I looked back to the narrow path, my psychic vision showed me a giant pregnant amphibian walking up this path and gave birth in the forest. This was a sando(産道), a transbirth canal in the ancient times. I had seen this vision somewhere else before. It was at Izawa-jinjya(射波神社). The two shrines’ sando has a same smell. Now I reaffirm that a genuine ancient trace of a shrine would always have a passage from the ocean to a river, the sando. My adventurous spirit about the process of human evolution occupied my mind as I make my way to Kumano. To be continued…

Photo: View of the ocean and sunset in front of the sando of Izawa-jinjya.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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