Monday, January 18, 2010

Leaving the negative energy from the past

I mentioned in the past, about cleaning the house is a good way to clear off the negative emotions that are accumulating in your space from the past. Even when you are trying to change, if you have all the heavy static energy in your space from the past, it’s dragging you down.

Such stones like crystals, from the day you have bought it, it sucks all the energy in your space. Good ones and bad ones, they all get sucked and remain inside. Many people mistaken the sense of discomfort to a magical phenomenon.

The recording system inside a computer is actually using stones also. Stones have the quality to accumulate all sorts of magnetic energy including emotions.

The issue here is the motivation of those who buy crystals and other stones. They seem to be people who wants a change, strong wishful thinking and who are less confident about themselves, depending on objects or things outside of self.

When these kinds of people keep a stone nearby, what sort of memories do you think would stay inside the stone? Dependency, dissatisfaction, frustration, etc… All the negative energy will be accumulated.

When I see through my psychic vision, the person who obtains a crystal and ask me for advice, I see multiple hands coming out from the crystal. It’s symbolically showing the condition of the person who posses the item. He is crying for help to an outside source.

This actually creates more problems to the possessor. The minus energy accumulated in the stone(s) in his space will become a handicap.

Even when he is trying to start all over again, his legs will be pulled by his own negative energy from the past accumulated in his living space.

Normal people, don't posses crystals. Therefore, they are not dragged by their past. However, those who have bought crystals, it comes from wishful thoughts and dependency. It becomes a handicap to themselves.

The truth of spirituality is that the more you look for the short cut by queer tasks, the more you are going the roundabouts.

The world we live in, we shouldn’t accumulate anything from the past. When you do, you become sick. Simply let it drain, like the running river. This will bring the right projection to your world.

Do be careful not to make the things from the past become a handicap.

So, could we erase the memories of the past that has accumulated inside the crystals or the stones? If you have any psychological dependency, it will be very difficult. Chanting or exposing to the sunray will not make any difference.

Those who can erase the memories of the past will not posses such materials in the first place.
Those sensei who like to decorate themselves with jewelries are not authentic. This is a simple way to determine the authenticity of a real teacher.

Those who possess crystals or stones should accumulate the energy of gratitude. It will eventually be restored by your original electro-magnetic energy. This is the only way to move on.
It’s not just about the stones and materials.
It is about the whole environment of your living space and workspace. The energy of gratitude will make a difference.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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