Saturday, February 20, 2010

Be the Winner

One of my reader sent me the words said by Shikō Munakata (Born 1903. Internationally recognized woodblock printmaker):  I am Aomori  (Aomori Prefecture is his home ground)

I have my home town and I have me thats allits pretty simple.  I feel that wherever I go, I am here and I am there, everywhere. My body brings Aomori and I feel its buried inside me. So there are no borders between Aomori and me. That's how I feel. Maybe Aomori is not happy that I said so, but I AM AOMORI. Im not a place, not a hometown. So I must be an Aomori bogyman! Ahahaha.

My insight:
He is a man in disguise. He is actually a Spirit of the Great Nature of Aomori. He just came to play and have fun in this world.

In order for a man to be born, a merge must occur between a traveling soul and the Ubusuna-kami (a god spirit of the birthplace). We have all gone through this process to be born in this world.

From his words, I understand that he feels the importance of the god of his birthplace, Ubusuna-kami. In his case, his ego is already much smaller than average people. His consciousness is in motion together with a land.

Even today, most people are still suffering from problems in a small realm called self.  

The truth is that we are all spirits of the land, the spirits of Japan and moreover we are part of Earth and part of the whole Universe.

However, we still seem to suffer through reality.

Even if I told you that You Are the Universe, what is going on in your reality wouldnt change and you still cant let go of your suffering state of mind.
So how about thinking the other way around. Could you imagine that the Great Spirit (you) has entered your small world by his own choice? And just through this limited time, he has come to experience the disability or the uncomfortableness. It was your own choice whether you like it or not. So you dont have to believe that you are one with the Universe, or go to a psychic or attend workshops and pay a lot of money to solve your problems.

If you have that kind of time and money, its so much better to go and enjoy good food, read or watch a movie. Whatever you do at your own home, you will get a good insight because you are in your personal original magnetic field. You can come to a decision through your own power. Things you feel by talking to a fee-charging psychic sensei is totally wrong. You are poisoned by the spirit behind this psychic and not being yourself. The spiritual seminars/workshops are the same. When I see the room with my psychic vision, I see the room filled with smoke (magnetic energy) that is coming from the spirit behind the presenter and the participants are all in trance.   

One of my reader sent me a photo of a seminar. The photo was taken from the very back of the seminar room. The sensei, teacher was in the front giving a lecture. In that photo, I could see a monstrous being with many fangs sticking out from his mouth. At the end, even the organizer will be eaten by this evil spirit.   

Shikō Munakata had a very hard time in his youth including poverty, ill-treated at school and having poor eye-sight. His success didnt come around until his mid-life. Even though one is in a spiritually high state, this human realm will make you experience many sufferings. To look it from the other way, it means the more suffering you choose to have the bigger soul you are.

If you are having a real hard time now, its going to be all right. Try to find joy in this limited realm while you have it.

Even in hard times, if you dont forget to be grateful and to have fun, you are a winner. You didnt loose against the choice you made before you entered this world. You have reached the peak of one mountain.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live


yoso tattoo said...

There is a lot of wisdom to learn from this! Many thanks for sharing! Y.

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Kamimura-san's stunning works are always amaising.
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Kamimura said...


Thank you for your comment. I would appreciate if you could introduce this blog at the Facebook Th-nas-s Sou. If anyone has questions, I am happy to answer, and if I feel the need to ask the author, I will do so.