Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Existence of Kami

I am putting together the photos I have taken this past two years of the great nature of Ise. I am writing the feeling I am getting through each of the photos. The photos are showing the original form of Kami large and clearly and this never happened before. Also the giant Iwakura (the rocks that Kami descend) is showing the Iwa-kagami (the rocks that has become a mirror) very large and clearly. Not a vague shape but a special kind of geometric pattern is appearing in the photo.  

Before I began my trip, I have asked permission to Kami that I will be taking photos and to apologize for my impertinent behavior. However, seeing so many clear forms appearing in my camera, I sense that this is a divine will that he/she wants to be seen to prove their existence. I believe this book will be a valuable document to show the existence of Kami. (It is to be published around mid May.)  

I am reminded today that the existence of Kami is now becoming more and more real in this World of Reality.

The modern civilization is coming to a closer. It is destroying this planet Earth. Most people don't believe in god or Kami. They think once we are dead, its the end. They flight to win and think it as success. However that is not the truth. As it is written on the Kojiki and the Old Testament, things will happen.

The default setting in this world is set to reflect what you did to others onto yourself.

But we don't know, when the reflection will occur. It might happen soon or it could happen in your next life. Nothing goes to waste. It will all be balanced one way or another in a rational manner. So if you want to change, just do your best to help others around you in the way you can. This is a very practical method for you to get back on track.

Before you worry about work or problems in your love relationship, know that if your sense of gratitude toward Kami is thin your ground is shaky. You will never come to a solid answer.

The inner voice of conscience is always there with you. If you commit a crime, your inner-self is the witness. If you do good things, your inner-self is the witness. Your inner-self is Kami and you cannot hide anything from him/her.

Each of our Kami will start to manifest. It is already happening.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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