Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mirror World

The world you live in can be changed just with a little shift in your thoughts. Peoples happiness and unhappiness are created very simply than one would imagine.

There are several universal laws in this world we live in. One of them is called the Law of Reflection. What you give (feelings and actions) to others will reflect onto yourself.
Whether you are aware of this law or not will change your life. If you were aware of this law, when you got into a fight, you wont be too obsessed until you hurt yourself. You know its better to stop fighting and act from your side because you know that it would reflect back to you.

If you are praying for your own benefit asking for your wish to come true or asking for healing your sickness, your world would probably not change. That is because of this law. When you are praying for others from your heart the Law of Reflection will work.  The others could be your ancestral spirits. When you are praying for your closest others it may result in healing yourself.

The secret to true happiness lies upon this law.

Honor your innate god, your conscience. And at the same time think about what you are emanating to others. If don't forget to be humble, you will be all right. Your softness will melt the fist.

According to the mythology, when Amaterasu-Ohomikamis grandchild was sent to this World of Reality, he was given one farewell gift. It was a mirror. This implies a message from the gods that this world we live in is a Mirror World.

Today, we will meet more people who would be reflections of ourselves just like a mirror.
What are you emanating and what does your reflections look like? 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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