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The true identity of Yahata-no-kami or Hachimann-shin

The shrine that worships Yahata-no-kami or Hachimann-shin (八幡神) is called Yahata Jinjya or Hachimann Jinjya. There are so many Yahata Jinjya all over Japan. The number of this shrines are probably second largest after Inari Jinjya (稲荷神社).
According to my psychic reading, this god or Kami is a deified spirit (who used to be human). It means that he is not a true deity.  Yahata-no-kami is said to be the deified Emperor Ohjin(15th Emperor, 270-310AD) but there are few other theories and it is not certain. The name Yahata-no-kami suddenly starts to appear in historical documents around 1300 years ago. He is a mystery. The fact that there are so many of this shrine is also a mystery. One of the oldest historical documents Kojiki does not mention this kami.

I have been told by a Kami not to reveal the truth of this Kami for a very long time. The reason is because it will change the history of the birth of this country. I will write as much as I am permitted. I visited some of the Yahata Jinjya that are over a thousand years old. When I visited the shrines, I found out that there was actually not the Yahata-no-kami nor the Emperor Ohjin but a different Kami enshrined. I felt the same Kami enshrined in all of the old Yahata shrines. The name of the Kami is Hakusan-kukuri-hime-kami. This means all of these shrines used to be Hakusan Jinjya. When we add all the Hakusan Jinjya and Yahata Jinjya through out Japan, we will have the largest group of shrines that worships the same Kami. Hakusan-kukuri-hime-kami is the goddess that brought Izanagi-kami and Izanami-kami back together. (parents of Amaterasu-ohomikami)
In the super ancient days, the center deity of the unification of this country was Hakusan-kukuri-hime-kami. Even with the Buddhist temples, the ones that worship Yahata-dai-bosatsu(八幡大菩薩) used to be Hakusan Jinjya. The lands were taken over in the later days to create Buddhist temples.
When you are visiting Yahata Jinjya, think of Hakusan-kukuri-hime-kami and send gratitude towards her. She is a true deity that resides in these shrines. The reason why the name was changed from Hakusan to Yahata is because of the stratagem planned by powerful immigrants from a foreign land. The true identity of Yahata-kami is a foreign god who was worshipped by these immigrants. Because these people were skillful in metal casting, astronomy and medical science, the Japanese leader of this time thought they were holy people that can use magic freely. They got involved in politics as well and managed to somehow change many of the Hakusan Jinjya into Yahata Jinjya for a place to worship there own god.  It has been changed from Yahweh to Yahve→Yahhah →Yahahata →Yahata. The ancestors of these people from the continent had been one of the eight tribes who supported the first Emperor Jimmu (660-585BC).  They also had a close relationship with the Hata Family (秦 also 幡 of Yahata. Yahata written as eight hata ) who were also immigrants and aristocrats of a foreign land. Im sure they didn't know about the fact that the spirit of Yahweh was already here in Japan resting at Gegū of Ise Jingu long before their arrival.
It is merely one scene of a long story of the making of Japan, a mysterious land where the gods reside.  

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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