Sunday, April 25, 2010

Preparing is preventing

According to the divine revelation I received this morning, the volcanic activity in Iceland was caused by the sudden increase of sunspot (explosion in the sun). 
Especially in February and March, the amount of sunspot increased rapidly. The eletro-magnetic microwave energy of the sun is heating up the Earth from inside. 

The sunspot data can be viewed at( In English check NOAA/SWPC( and SIDC(

 Also in Japan, we need to pay attention to the quakes around the center of this chain of islands: Mt.Fuji, Mt.Ontake and Mt.Haku. Especially next year, we must watch out for Mt.Fuji.  If by any chance, Mt Fuji erupts, it will bring an uncountable damage to the economy and agriculture. If it occurs, it would not be at the peak but about 500m lower. Some of the geologists say that Mt.Fuji has been erupting in a small scale every 100 years. But it hasnt erupt for over the last 300 years and it is a mystery to them. They cannot figure out where the volcanic energy has run off. I sense that plates between continents have been rubbing each other under the area of Mt.Fuji. And the volcanic energy has run off deep underground.

But there is no point just worrying about it. Like our ancestors has done in the past and survived many disasters, we will somehow get over it too. But preparing your mind that these things could happen, will help when it really happens. You will be less upset and have less anxiety. The action you take when you are in panic mode is most dangerous.

At present, people in Kagoshima are still living under the ashes falling from Sakura-jima volcano. How are they surviving? What are they doing to keep the facilities of a household? How are they keeping the drainage system? The people in the city should research and study these things, so they know what they can do when things happen.

I personally cannot rebuild our house or move to another location but if anyone is thinking of buying anything in the city, here are some suggestions.

1. Rent is good. No need to buy.
2. Rent a concrete building.
A steel frame building, I will be concerned about the external wall and roof materials for extremely strong winds and twisters. Also prepare for heavy snowfalls and volcanic ashes. The temperature will become more and more extreme  (from  20to over 40℃). The airtightness of the house is essential. A concrete building will cover all of this.

A public housing complex is usually made out concrete so its good. Some people prefer the end corner lot because of privacy. But actually, if you are in between rooms you save more heating cost. The price of oil and other resources are rising already. Its best to think how you can save the cost for fuels and energy. If you research and prepare, your life will become much easier. Please take this advice and take time to think what you can do in your environment and circumstances.

Lastly, most of all, it is important to continue to send gratitude. The kotodamaikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu from the residence will be heard in the heavens and help calm down the land we live on.

Thank you for letting us live

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