Sunday, May 2, 2010

The third strand of DNA

What I have been thinking these days is that I am over whelmed and grateful for the fortunate situation of my life. I feel so grateful just living a normal life. When I look at my life from the point of life and death, I am in awe and want to do more to help others. After another twenty or thirty more years, I will depart from this plain leaving everything behind. When you look at things from this standpoint, nothing is worth getting seriously upset. It is all precious and at the same time, not a big deal. Everything will eventually change. Only when you think, there will be no change, it creates suffering.

Today I was thinking about our DNA. The long strands of polymer are structured like two snakes intertwined in a spiral figure. And this DNA gives signals to make changes in our physical body. 
DNA even holds the memory of the time and date of sickness that will outbreak at a certain point in your life.  Every single details such as sex, appearances down to each shape of our teeth is recorded. I sense that the DNA holds all our memories from past lives as well.  The immense amount of memories held inside your soul are all transcribed in your DNA. A lot of people seem to have more desire looking into their past, when DNA is working on generating the now and future. These people are caught up in their past and forgetting the more important now and future.
This means that we are all responsible in what we do. Some day we will have a pay back time. It may not be happen in this lifetime, but as long as your DNA holds all the memories, it will eventually happen at some point in your eternal life. Be careful what you do to others. One day it will reflect on you.
Is there any chance we could restore the past in the DNA structure?
Actually, today, we have come to an era where it is possible. I believe there is a third strand of the DNA. It is an invisible spiritual line that is operating and instructing the two visible strands.

The fact that the Shimenawa rope at a shrine should be three ropes tied together having one main core rope in the center, the Torii archway having the third pillar like three pillars seen in a synagogue and the three incense kuyō presented by a divine revelation. It all shows the importance of the “threesome” and the significant value of the third one.  The third strand of the DNA can easily be modified by your own will power. And this third strand will give directions to the other two. To modify your third strand, the Kotodama of “ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu” would work best.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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