Thursday, July 1, 2010

Encounters are result of your spirit guidance

One day is made out from half light and half darkness. The affect of this condition is seen in all nature. Everything has the visible part and the invisible part, the conscious and the unconscious. There is always a balance of the two. When either side is heavier, it is unbalanced. It is not right.

When you have a goal, a wish, you need to make an effort by yourself and at the same time, its important to send gratitude to the unseen world that to you are led to live. This is the most powerful and effective way. You cannot reach your goal just with your effort nor by focusing on the invisible dimension.

The balance is important to pay attention to both sides.

From my perspective as a sun worshipper, like the daytime and nighttime being different according to the season, the more you make an effort by yourself the changes would occur on the spiritual level.

The encounter with your partner or a new job is the same thing. If you are already making an effort to find a partner or a job, the rest depends on the other invisible half. Whether you work on the other half or not would make a difference on the manifestation.

1. Work on ancestral worship by sending gratitude and Yorishiro(tanzaku).    
     2. Worship your innate god by using the Kami-fuda(bought at a formal jinjya shrine).
If you do these daily, the future would change to the best way for you. The encounter between two people is also led by the guidance of your spirit guides (your ancestors).

Some people think that finding a life partner is merely destined. But that is not true. When you do the above two way of gratitude sending and also be in gratitude for what you already have, a new encounter can be easily produced.

Your original magnetic field that is built from energy of gratitude would become a great saving for the creation of your future. Destiny can be changed.

In my case, my kenzoku always look at the people I meet first. And when they think its a good idea to meet, then the meeting happens.

As long you are alive, the half half law is active and your efforts on both sides will make a change in your future.

Those who achieved a true success have worked on these rules naturally without being told. Until the moment you die, it is possible for things to change. Anything could happen. It all depends on what you do.

Simply live with gratitude and move on step by step.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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