Thursday, July 8, 2010

The rice field will save the world

June 24th was an important day at Izawa-no-miya (also called Izogu) of Ise Jingu. Otaue-Shinji(a formal ritual of rice-planting ) was held.  Even from a distance, I was able to sense the heavenly pillar descending toward the sacred rice field. At this time, the giant couple sharks would probably be visiting the nearby bay from the sacred deep ocean.

In Nihon-Shoki (Chronicles of Japan/circa720), the 11th Emperor Suinin had recorded that, Amaterasu-Ohomikami had descended to this location of Ise. Thus the shrine must be build at this place of the upper stream of Isuzu River and it should be called Iso-no-miya (磯宮).

Today, the name of the town where Izawa-no-miya stands is called Iso-be-cho(部町). This area used to be called Iso-be(磯部) in the old days. Thus Iso-no-miya = Izawa-no-miya. 

Nihon Shoki records that this location where Izawa-no-miya stands is where Amaterasu-Ohomikami had descended.

Why did such a significant name, Iso-no-miya, got changed to Izawa-no-miya in the later days?

My physic vision tells me that it has to do with the relationship between ancient Jews and the Japanese.

In the past article, I have written about Moses visiting the location of what is now Ise Jingu. 500 years after the death of Moses, I sense that Isaiah had received a revelation to send one of his disciples to Japan. And this disciple stayed at the location of Izawa-no-miya for a very long time. He held a special Jewish formal ritual at this place. And I sense that is why the name had been changed to “Izawa” by taking the sound from the prophet’s name “Isaiah.”

The traces of ancient Judaism can be seen in the tradition of Shomon (笑門) decoration at the doorways of Ise town and the fact that the formal shrine crescent of Ise Jingu is the hexagram design, the Star of David.

It is time for the two nations to come together under the Kami of Ise. The two nations that experienced the biggest tragedy in history, the Auschwitz and the two atomic bombs.  The relationship between Kunitokotachi-Ōkami(the God of Earth) vs Susanoo and Yahweh vs Michael the archangel is the same thing. The names are simply different in different languages.

Before you go to war just to fight for a small land of Israel and create irretrievable damage to Earth, I wish you hear me out and move to Japan and work on the rice field of Ise. This is gods wish. There is the land of Canaan (部/South Kaga) at the skirt of Mt.Haku. There are also so many unused rice fields all over Japan. We should be coming back together once again like the ancient days.

The DNA test should give us proof of evidence that we were once connected. When we unite, world peace would come for sure.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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