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Summer vacation 3

-The sacred sword- Part 2
Kusanagi-no-mitsurugi (草薙神剣)

After leaving the eel diner, we walked toward the main gate of Atsuta Jingū. Most of the visitors here were bowing before entering the red torii gate. Those who were leaving were also sincerely bowing after the torii gate facing back towards the main shrine. I was very impressed. Even at Ise Jingū, I dont see so many visitors having such good manners.

One of my family members said, are these people all readers of your blog?  And we all laughed.  I said no, I dont think so…”  But still it was wonderful to see that the local people were doing this naturally. It was very nice to know that Atsuta Jingū had been so well taken cared from the old days until today.

I sent my gratitude at the newly rebuilt honden main shrine. Then I was drawn to go to the right side of the honden.  The newly built shrine was designed by a modern architect. It was an innovative design, a combination of traditional and modern style. They used massive amount of thick kusamaki wood blocks from Canada.  I went around the ceremonial ground to the back where I found a rebuilt small shrine. It was a raised-floor construction. And I felt a very strong divine energy from the inside. The strong magnetic energy was coming from the bottom of the construction.

When I went down the small path from the small shrine, there was an explanation written on the board. It said that this small shrine was where the sacred sword (Kusanagi-no-mitsurugi ) was enshrined until the Meiji era.

Now I understood why I was feeling that strong energy. I went back to the small doyōden shrine. The divine magnetic energy remained for over hundred of years. This tells how powerful the energy of the sacred sword is.

My psychic power was drawn to the ground under the small shrine. When I focused to the underground, a story came to me about the sacred sword.

Some researcher might claim that the sacred Kusanagi-no-mitsurugi sword is one of the steel Ama-no-mura-kumo-no-tsurugi sword brought by a tribe from overseas, the famous mythology of Yamata-no-orochi. It is said that there were eight of these steel sacred swords.

My psychic reading says that these two swords are a different swords. From my understanding, the Kusanagi-no-mitsurugi sword is made out of collected gold made by a foreign tribe. They were trying to make a treasure sword and they were still in the process of finishing. While they were in the middle of the process, Susanoo in a human figure comes to make a surprise attack. That is why the tip of the sword was in an irregular shape. It never got finished.

Because it was made out of precious gold, it was stored with great care. But I think the gold was not pure and included mercury. That is why in my psychic eyes it looks more like platinum.

According to the old document, this sacred sword was triple boxed. The outside was a wooden box, the middle was a stone box and the inside box was made out of camphor wood. In between the boxes, red clay was filled. I sense that the red clay is shusha (朱砂) that includes mercury in the grain. I sense that it is the same mercury used in the refining process of the sword. Filling the clay in between the boxes is to prevent from burning in case of fire.

If you could see the Kusanagi-no-mitsurugi for real, Im sure it will be shinning. Its made out of gold after all. But it wasnt really a sacred sword in the beginning. It was cared a great deal because it was made out of gold. And because it was gold, it became one of the tools in the Shinto ceremony. That is how I sense.  When the capital, Yamataikoku moved from Hakusan to Nara of today, the generations of Queen Himiko used this sword as a sacred tool in the ceremonies. Therefore, the sword accumulated the divine energy over a long period. The Queen Himiko of the later days, Yamato-hime was the most superior of all.  And she was the one who brought this sword to Ise Jingū.

So where is this sacred Kusanagi-no-mitsurugi sword today?

The hint lays on the fact that it was at the small shrine in Atusta Jingū until end of Meiji era. It would be natural for Emperor Meiji to be interested in the Three Sacred Treasures.

Even after loosing the world war, Japan has risen again and became one of the strongest economical influences of the world. This is like a miracle. I believe there were powers of kami behind this success. The spirit of Emperor Meiji is also helping. He is moving these Three Sacred Treasures and putting them together. This is igniting a divine power and helping the development of the nation. Now the two out of three is already in one place. When and where would the three come together? When the three come together, it will ignite another new power to this nation.  I will tell you about it when the right time comes.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.

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