Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caring for everything

(written Dec.28)

    In the old days, Japanese people felt spirits and fairies everywhere in their daily lives. In restrooms (water), kitchen (fire), drawing room with tatami mats (wood and grass), bathroom (water). mountain, river, ocean, forest  Everywhere that was connected to the daily life, they felt that they were using the natures property and always feeling grateful and asking permission to the spirits who are looking after the area or the elements. They may not have seen the fairies but they knew they were there. It was natural to think that way and be in gratitude. Just feeling the invisible existence and caring for them is a higher state of spirituality than being a psychic.

     We really dont have to think about the fairies nor send gratitude. Never the less, those who feels that asking permission to the nature spirits for letting us use the energy or the elements as a material, they do it naturally. They are affectionate people. Those who would naturally send gratitude to the invisible are those who are able to feel what others are feeling.    

     What we are feeling is also something invisible. Still the affectionate ones are able to care about others feelings. As a life partner, whom would you choose? A rationalist who will be grateful for visible things or a caring person who would also care for invisible things? 

     A relationship that is built by only corresponding to the appearances is somewhat truculent. I think that the old Japanese way, believing in seeing god spirits in everything (eight million gods) is highly spiritual.  We all came from the Root of the Universe. Thus seeing the fundamental god (the divinity/sacredness) in everything is possible. Everything is connected in a profound sense.

    In the toilet, there is a toilet spirit. It is true. When our sewage is disposed from our physical body that contains a soul (innate god), for a certain period of time, our spiritual energy remains in the sewage as well. A public restroom used by many people, the energy of all is accumulated and remains there for a while. Through a psychic vision, it looks like a small cloud or smoke floating in the air. It is possible that eventually it forms a figure.

     This is called bunkon (分魂) in ancient Shinto. It means that your spiritual energy could be divided and is a part of all. When you come to a realization of the miracle for yourself to be here today, naturally you become grateful to your ancestors.  If you cannot be appreciative about your ancestors, you lack love within yourself.

     Try to be conscious about it, be a pure honest person and be grateful to everything. Leave the energy of gratitude everyday in your daily life. The accumulation of that energy will for sure do you good later in life.

     I sincerely want to thank you for reading my blog throughout this year. I tried my best to make strenuous efforts and one year is almost coming to an end. I will enjoy the year 2011 in the same manner.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.

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