Thursday, December 16, 2010

Know that you are not lacking anything

(written Dec. 13th) 
     This morning, the senses I was getting is that so many people are starting to have some breathing problem. Many reason for this, but the biggest part is that so many people are worried about their future. And that is causing them hyperventilation.
     Hyperventilation happens when you are unconsciously breathing in more that breathing out. Oxygen causes oxidization that is poison to a human body. Fighting against oxygen has always been part of the evolution of creatures on Earth. Excessive amount of oxygen is still poisonous to the system of our human nature. Oxidation kills the probiotic bacteria as well.   

So when you feel the anxiety:
1.     1. Make sure you tell yourself “Relax! It’s going to be ok.” And take a deep breath from your abdomen. Breathe out twice as much.  (Even when you are sitting, try to breath from your stomach.)

2.     2. When the breathing becomes difficult, use your hands and cover the nose and mouth. And breathe inside your hands. When you breathe in the breath you just exhaled, you are breathing in the carbon dioxide which will help you stabilize hyperpnoea. Your warm hands would help you calm down as well. During the winter, wearing a mask would not only help protecting from virus but also help you balance your oxygen and CO2 level while you breathe through it. The best way would be to carry a small paper bag. And breathe inside the bag.

      Hyperpnoea has symptoms such as; trouble breathing, shallow breathing, pain or pressure in the chest or heart area, dizziness, pulsation, numbness on arms and legs, light headed, fear of dying… etc. It all comes from anxiety that causes an unbalance in the autonomic nerves.

     The kotodama, ‘ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu’  and ‘amaterasu-ohomikami amaterasu-ohomikami ’ (twenty sounds) is the right vibrational energy that will bring you to stableness. The spring ukon (turmeric) and ginger will also help to balance the nerve system. Take five tablets three times a day.

     The lactic bacterium supplements such as Miyairi-san (clostridium butyricum) or acidophilus would increase probiotic bacteria in the intestine that is essential to increase serotonin in the brain. This would lead to balancing your nervous system. I believe in a long run, these natural products would be more effective than the western medicine that is a synthesized product aimed for specific illness.

     As the first cause of hyperventilation being the anxiety, the second cause would have to do with the electro-magnetic waves from the sun and the depletion of the ozone layer. At the same time, the unbalance of the geomagnetism seems to also be giving cause to the layers of air in our planet.  

     These days, I am sensing that oxygen shortage is happening even in flatland due to the sudden change in air pressure. Certain clouds are staying way too long in the sky, the pollution caused by the yellow sands from China… so many unusual phenomenons are happening.

      I am concerned with the lungs of the Japanese people. In the younger generation, tuberculosis of the lungs is increasing rapidly. If you are suffering from slightly high temperature and coughing for over a period, you should have your lungs checked. The earlier the better for your treatment and also to avoid infection.

     A light exercise is best to keep your nervous system in balance. I do a 500m pigeon-toed walk up the hill exercise everyday. I put my attention on the big toes and down towards heel as I walk. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Simply drink a lot of distilled warm water(about 40), do light exercise, be in gratitude and send gratitude to your ancestral spirits. Do these daily and things will turn the right way. 

      Just like excessive breathing, the excessive thoughts thinking that you are still lacking something will actually become pollution to yourself. If you think you are unlucky, you need to correct your thoughts.

Warm distilled water as high as your body temperature will be absorbed most efficiently.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.

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Kokoro Tentasu said...

we all are thank for your translation Ise-Hakusan-Do into English.
I hope this Samurai Spirit be understood by all human being after the year of 2012.

We eagerly progress even before 2012. We do our best in every day for Earth`s peace and for Spiritual revolution. This is right for real evolution.

Thank for letting me live