Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The most powerful source is love

     Previously I wrote about a revelation I received on January 27th. “The energy from the Root (ultimate source) comes through the spiritual pipeline of one’s family’s lineage. And the energy is transformed into two types, a Yin(-) and a Yang(+). These energy goes through different dimensions and come into this World of Reality. Here a destined Yin (female) and a Yang (male) meets (reunite) and restore (by giving birth) the original will of god into a figure.”

    I have been thinking about this revelation for the past few days. The energy had to be fractionalized in order to pass through several dimensions. And at this dimension we live in, the pieces are reunited to form a figure (a human being) that is supposed to be carrying the original will of the Root.

     It is like transporting a large piece from overseas. We have to separate it into few pieces in order to fit into a crater. Then once it reaches Japan, it is put together in one piece. Once again, the fractions are regathered into the original form. If one piece gets lost or delivered to another place, the pieces cannot be rebuilt into the same original form. The will energy from the Root is also the same. If one fraction is lost or couldn’t pass through a dimension, the original will is lost. This is one Universal Law. This law can be applied from science to all natural order.

    There are seven thousand million people living on this planet.  We may be sharing the same time but it would be physically impossible to meet everyone in one lifetime. So when you think about it, the family, relatives and friends you have are a very special limited circle to you. They are meant to have a spiritual relationship with you in this lifetime (even if you dislike some of them). This is called (en) in Japanese, which means a destined relationship. We are at the end of the spiritual pipeline that has been carried on through our ancestors from the ancient times. The ends of two lines met and created a sparkle, all kinds of sparkles including arguments. Here we have to think about something. Weren’t we destined to meet the people we meet/met in order to revive the original will from the Root?

    Many people seem to have problems in relationships at home, work, school . When you start to become aware that you are meant to be in this circle for a reason in order to revive the ultimate will, you will make a turn towards a good life. When you become aware, you will start to understand and reconnect to the original will of the ultimate god and your ancestral spirits. We definitely need other people (pieces) in order to reunite in oneness.

    And what is the most important key to reunite the “en”? It is to see others through a loving perspective. This way of looking at others will change your life into a better one.  All the people you meet in this lifetime, you have the fate to meet them. Even if you don’t like the person, silently see them with love. You might be able to see the sadness they carry. What is a loving perspective? It is compassion, mercy, affection, caring… it is the mothery love. “I just can’t abandon this poor child” kind of love. I receive hundreds of emails from the readers. If I see a troubled one, I cannot ignore. I also cannot forget about my ancestors who led me have a life.  From time to time, I will remember those who passed away, even though I’d only met once through business. The love you emanate will always come back to you. I believe in this law 100 percent. But if you expect to gain something in return, you will always be unstable and restless. So give away loving care without thinking of any return. Even if you don’t get it back during this lifetime and die miserably, god will scoop you up to heaven with love. And this power comes from yourself. The power of love you gave out will return to you, save you and take you to heaven. If you could see the world and the people through loving eyes, your fear will go away one by one.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.

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