Thursday, April 21, 2011

Epilepsy can be cured

     On July 25,2007, I wrote an articles about the spiritual radiation from the sun. – “From this week, the spiritual radiation from the sun is getting even stronger. Scientifically, it is called electro-magnetic waves, but the substance is actually a spiritual energy that will change the foundation of this planet. The energy waves will change the environment, geological feature, weather, temperature…  a big revolution will occur. The electro-magnetic wave from the sun is heating up the earth from the inside like a microwave oven. The ice of the North Pole and the South Pole is melting not from the surface but from deep down below. The rising of the sea level will surpass the prediction.  The melting of the ice will lower seawater temperature, which will cause a cold summer. On the other hand, it will also create a record breaking high temperature.  Through out the year, seasons are ignored and extreme high and low temperatures will go on.  The heating from the inside will also cause more volcanic activity.

…… “This dimension (world of reality) we live in will merge with the other dimensions in the near future. The world of the gods, the world of the spirits, the world of ghosts and the world of hell, all of these dimensions will be diminished and eventually unite with our world of reality.  The world of ghosts is already diminishing. The other dimensions will start to intrude into our dimension in order to survive. The intrusion would need a living human body to possess. The spirits who are close to one’s character will merge like a magnet. Your character will attract a certain spirit(s).  There is no way to reject them. None of the purification rituals would work even if you tried to avoid it. From the beginning of time, the god of the core had planned this. Your essential personality will magnetically attract the similar quality. There is no way to hide you true character.”
      Please use the search engine to search for other articles I have written in the past regarding “sun radiation.”  These facts are what I really wanted to tell people when I started this blog in 2007.

     Yesterday, there was an accident that killed six elementary children caused by a young man driving a crane truck. He says that he doesn’t remember anything. He has chronic epilepsy and the police is investigating whether he was having an epilepsy during the time of the accident. Actually, epilepsy is a type of spirit possession. If this young man had been doing the gratitude kuyō towards his ancestral spirits by burning three incenses daily, his life would have changed. In the old days, epilepsy was also called Miko disease (Miko is the sorceress/shrine maiden). They would often loose consciousness and foam coming out of their mouth or faint during a ritual.

     Socrates and Julius Caesar had epilepsy. In those days, it was thought to occur on genius who uses his brain in an extreme manner or when they receive a revelation.  The doctors would diagnose an epilepsy as caused by a vasoconstriction in the cerebral nerves. But in my opinion, it is caused by a spiritual possession. Until twenty years ago, I used to give personal spiritual advice to people. I’ve seen hundreds of problems including epilepsy. When I advised them to clear their ancestral spiritual line by the gratitude kuyō towards one’s ancestral spirits using three incenses daily and when they act on it, they stopped suffering from epilepsy. 

      There is a higher percentage of epilepsy starting as an adult compared to congenital. 
Same thing can be said about panic disorder. This also comes from spirit possession.  When a spirit possession takes place, the autonomic nerve is stimulated immensely.  Both symptoms can be cured by working on ancestral kuyō, sending gratitude and blessings with three incenses daily. 

      Starting from this year, the revelation I received four years ago is becoming a reality.  The solution is very simple.  Work on becoming one with your ancestral line (the source of your DNA) by doing the kuyō daily. 
 On the contrary, if you don’t work on it by yourself and depend on gurus or fee-charging channellers or receive spiritual energy such as Reiki from others, it will be suicidal. You are contaminating your own original spiritual energy by doing these things. You are declaring yourself that you cannot believe in your own inner strength/power. You are only weakening yourself by making these choices. Your ancestral spiritual pipeline will be clogged which leads to symptoms such as epilepsy or panic disorder in you or within your family.
     Please do be careful while you are driving and to watch out on other drivers at the same time. Car accidents will increase as the sunspots increases. Trust yourself, continue to send gratitude towards your ancestors and eat natural food. This is the way to cure an intractable disease. Turmeric is also highly recommended for illness related to cerebral nerves. Google for scientific views.

* Alert and preparation awareness is still on *

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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