Monday, May 23, 2011

Look into yourself

    There was a TV show about this legendry man who claims that he could open any kind of dial type safe. He says the secret is to have the image in your mind that the safe will open. He images the inside of the safety box. As watching him talk, I sense that he becomes the safe resonating in the same frequency and feel the safety box from the inside. He says, “once I become one with the safe, the knowledge comes to me how it can be opened.”  This logic can be applied in relationships as well. If you can see how the opponent is seeing you, then you will know what to do to solve the problems you might be having.

      Lovers should look from the partner’s point of view how he/she is portrayed. Husbands and wives should do the same. Being the other sex. What would she/he be thinking in this kind of situation? Most people are only seeing things from his/her point of view. 
They don’t try to think from the opponent’s point of view. One of the purposes of our lives is to know who we really are, to really look at ourselves.  Once we realize this, we start to realize many things. Many people look at others and make decisions on what to do about one’s life. If you do things because many other people are doing the same, then once the many others start to collapse, you easily collapse as well. That is a wrong judgement.

     People who believe in his/her own good will and always have the habit to think about others from their point of view invites fortunate situations, things go smoothly without so much effort. 

     To really try to see yourself and learn who you really are while living a normal life is the fastest way to know what god is. You will start to remember who god is. This is a living meditation. Dogen(ōgen) is the actual person who established Zen and he tried to practice the meditative living. You don’t have to pay a lot of money just to go to meditation workshops. You will never find yourself through those kinds of meditations. There is no aim in true meditation. Simply live a normal life and see yourself, observe yourself, and when you can be truly grateful in your current condition or situation then you are enlightened. The more you feel deep appreciation to your life the more you are enlightened. A notable person who reached enlightenment has left a saying, “I cannot count how many times I had come to an awakening.” This means he had uncountable moments he felt appreciation about things happened in his life. So many people who became the victim of the earthquake and tsunami disaster are saying they are so grateful for this and that. They have and are still going through such a terrible experience and yet, they feel grateful for being alive and all the help and support there are receiving. From the realm of eternity (the view from the gods), these people are the fortunate people. We have come to a time where we have to face what happiness is all about.  During our short lives, many will come to a realization.

    Lets try to look into ourselves in our daily lives through these words.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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