Thursday, January 26, 2012


     This morning(Jan 25th), words came into my mind…. "Numazu=namazu"Numazu is a name of a town in Shizuoka Prefecture. The area was named Numazu because there used to be a lot of numa (swamp) in the old days.  Spiritually speaking, I sense that in the super ancient time, kami had sealed a giant namazu (catfish) into this area. The revelation I received this morning was about this black giant namazu breaking out from his sacred ground of Numazu before dawn and move towards Ise passing Nagoya. He is probably paying a visit to Ise (Amaterasu-ohomikami) before rising to the heavens.

      Japan is a mystical country where spirits and fairies were believed to exist in the ancient times. It is a place where not only humans but also all kinds of animal figures were witnessed. The characters and habits of those creatures represented certain spiritual forms. So here, I’m not talking about an actual giant catfish living under the ground. It is a giant spiritual energy(=electric) form of a namazu as big as the whole Numazu city. The shape looks a lot like the shape of the city as well. In the old Japanese saying, namazu is said to be in relation with earthquakes.

       For some reason, these spiritual creatures will become silent and still when people pay attention. When people start to forget about them, they start to become active. For this reason the Shinto shrines were built in every region, in order to silence the spiritual creatures that live in each area by people visiting the shrine and paying attention. In the same manner, it is a good thing to pay attention to your ancestral spirits. You will be able to observe yourself in a clam manner when you continue to pay attention to your ancestors by sending gratitude.

      The electro-magnetic field of the geostationary earth orbit is continuing a turbulence. The biggest damage occurs to humans when it is unexpected. Lets continue to pay attention by being aware in a calm manner and let it pass through without any big damage.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

    3D image of Japan from the Pacific Ocean side (

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