Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Grasshopper and the Ant

    The international research team including the staffs from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Riken has announced, “We have released a news about the solar polar magnetic field reversal observed by Hinodethe solar observatory).” <>
“The estimated completion of the reversal of the north polar region will take place in 1 months or so, about one year earlier than the nominal expected reversal time.” (read more on the above English page web address )

   This fluctuation in the solar inner activity has been observed for the first time since the modern technology on solar observation has been installed.  Similar phenomenon is told to have occurred during the Maunder and Dalton Minimum period. Some researchers have said that the Earth experiences climate down falls that is called the Little Ice Age.  

 Starting from this year, cold summers and winters may escalate. 
Last winter, we already had record-breaking low temperatures and heavy snow. And the trend may go on further as the years go by. An American guy named Bill had mentioned about this to me. (  
The United States is already preparing for this since ten years ago. The government is stocking oil and food supply in case of emergency situation. According to Bill’s story, he said that we would no longer have to indulge in war business.  This links to the fact that US President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for promoting nuclear disarmament. So why will there be no more war? 
Because the US government is predicting that we will be experiencing severe climate changes and natural disasters all over the world, and survival will become our main issue. I think that maybe the colder climate countries like Russia may have more advantageous at this time. I am concerned more about the countries closer to the equator. Especially from next year, in Japan, I would recommend to grow rice types that are stronger in colder weather. Any other agricultural products also need consideration about cold summer. I sincerely hope the farmers would come to this recognition before they actually experience a great loss.

    I sense that the rice type named Ise-Hikari that is now growing at the sacred rice field of Ise Jingu shrine would be able to overcome the coming cold summers. This rice was developed at the time of the present Emperor’s enthronement. The government should really be instructing these plans for national protection and security. However, we will most likely enter the phase without any government guidance. Therefore, we should prepare individually.

    The new moon has come on the 21st. We might be experiencing some gravity influence. Pay attention to your emotions and be watchful during driving a car.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live


Anonymous said...

My comment is not really related to your last post but I have a reason to believe that you might have an answer to my problem.
I read your blog periodically and I really enjoy it as it makes me feel at peace with myself and the world around me. Please keep posting and please know that people are reading it even if they do not put comments on it.
My problem is that few times over the years I had situations where I felt that my body is held down by some inexplicable forces (few times, seemed like ghosts because I saw them coming - a man and a woman). The most recent event happened last nite when I felt my right armed trapped during my sleep and I feel something trying to get into my body, after I struggled for a little bit I managed to wake up. All the time when this happened during my sleep I was aware of everything in my dream. It might sound a bit weird but I am really interested in your opinion about this, knowing that you are a very spiritual person.

Thank you

Sazareishi said...

those things could happen. don't think about the past and simply continue to send gratitude towards ancestral spirits and your innate god and everything around you on a daily basis. Then you will be all right.

Sazareishi said...

The next up-coming one might be of interest to you. Will update tomorrow.