Sunday, May 13, 2012

Worrying too much can also be as bad as radiation exposure

    Reading about the specialist’s opinions, my total understanding about the nuclear radiation exposure and health is as below.

  1.  Excessive exercise can create internal oxidation that could bring similar affect to the body as radiation exposure.
  2. When the cause of death is from radiation exposure, it means the body has experienced sudden strong internal oxidation.

   Many people fear about the radiation exposure. But we must understand that radiation exposure is not like a bomb. The weapon is the extreme amount of active oxygen. This changes the image of a radiation exposure doesn’t it?  It’s the extreme amount of active oxygen that kills us. The professional athletes often suffer from health problem when they get old. A strong muscular body doesn’t always mean long living.

   So is the radiation exposure the only cause for a sudden internal oxidation? I sense that when we worry too much, strong anxiety, constant fear and sorrow… all of these type of stress to the body will also create internal oxidation. It will bring the same affect as radiation exposure to your body that would eventually create cancer.

    In the past, during a censure resolution meeting at the office, I was standing near the person who was accused. And I experienced a sudden sour odor from the sweat or sometimes a rotten protein smell from that person.  I think when people have a strong sudden stress, an internal oxidation occurs and create such symptoms. This is equivalent to radiation exposure.

    The more you worry the more you smell bad, so be careful. This proves that humans are quite a fascinating creature. Close to the creator. Just one thought could toxicate one body. This cannot be seen in other creatures.

    The smaller the animal, the smaller the range of emotions. Therefore if there was a radiation exposure, the reaction directly influences the body. However with humans, even without the radiation exposure we could create the damage on our own by our thoughts. This means that when we reverse the idea, we could also protect ourselves even living in a radiation exposed environment. 

     In the super ancient times, the Earth was in an extremely strong radiation environment. It has repeated a decreasing period and we are now in a mild state of radiation. The natural hot spring area still has higher radiation today which is one evident of the past. Thus we carry the DNA of humans who lived through those times. Believe in your strong DNA (ancestors) and live with optimistic views. This way of thinking is so much healthier for you. The internal oxidation in a long run will cause cancer and accelerate aging. In a short run it will cause bad blood circulation which leads to symptoms such as heart decease, numbness, brain infarction, etc.  


In order to avoid this, we should take antioxidant supplements such as vitamins and omega3. And most importantly not to worry too much. When you emanate the energy of gratitude in a daily basis, this effect is similar to antioxidant supplements.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live 

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