Friday, June 29, 2012

It's beyond words

reviewing the above article:
     In the life after death, there is no change no diversity. It’s the same pattern over and over again. The life after death will be a reflection of this life and it is fixed in the same pattern for a long long time (in the life after death, this lifetime will become the past life). Some people seem to be trapped in the memory of their past life and they think it’s the life on earth but the memory is continued in the past life in the other dimension as well. It is almost impossible to change the reflective pattern in the other dimension. You will be trapped in the mental/emotional condition and cannot get out of it until you are reborn. The only way to get out of that condition and create a new evolution in your soul is to come back to this third dimension. The life after death is a receptive world where you can only experience the reflection of this lifetime. This life is complex. It’s hard and unfair but at the same time fun and joyful. And this dimension is the starting point that continues in all other dimensions.  Many people think they want to graduate this dimension and move on but when you go to the other dimension, you regret many things and realized how much precious time you had wasted.
    In the super ancient times, the World of the Gods was the starting point and it was reflected to this World of Reality. Today it has reversed. This is the same phenomenon as in the universe. At one time the universe was expanding and with one huge big bang the universe starts to go reverse and contract. The birth of the universe expansion stillness contraction. This one cycle happens in a very long time frame and this is reflected on one breath of a human. How many breaths do we take in one lifetime?  According to the revelation I received, this cycle of the universe has occurred as many as the number of breath we take in one lifetime. One human being is completely a microcosm of the whole universe. When the science evolves the dimensional map of the universe would be exactly like a map of one human. The form of this dimension is really a mystery. The idea of numerology is really a mystery. And everything has a meaning. 

      Today’s science is still immature to understand that one big bang in the universe = one exhale of the human breath in a micro scale.   Today’s quantum mechanics has not yet reached the “abc” of the whole alphabet. When the humans come to reach the understanding of this equation, they will understand the energy of black and white stripes of the curtain seen in Ise Jingu. This reciprocal pattern of black and white has the magnetic energy that creates purification. The people of the ancient times were so much wiser. They lived in oneness with the nature and the gods. They had the understanding beyond modern science.

    What I wanted to say today is that this lifetime is so very precious. Just live each day cheerfully as possible. That is really enough.

Ikashite-itadate Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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