Thursday, July 19, 2012

The mystery of Japan

   The above article was written last year. And the revelation seems to be occurring accordingly. Looking at the world economy, No.4 has happened within the year. It started in Greece and now moving on to Spain, Italy and France.  After the economy crisis, I sense next is volcanic activity and big earthquakes.

   Talking about the economy, to start with, UK is the big boss in the financial world along with the US.  The fact that the £ pound did not join yuユーロ EURO and stayed individual was to test how the European financial market will do without UK. I think the US had a lot to do with this decision.  The UK did not join the Euro but they always attend the EURO currency conference.  And UK seems to have a strong position on the decision-making. The partnership between the UK and the US is very strong. Some historians claim that the UK had created the current world system. In the last century, England owned many countries around the world. They created the US by sending in massive immigrants and they also secretly supported Russia to build its nation. England had created both ying and yang countries so they would compete with each other and grow.

  On the other hand, Japan’s Imperial family is the only royal family in Asia that is approved by the British Royals allowing to be invited to their ceremonies.  In order to see the future of each Asian country, we must keep an eye on the distance between UK and US and that country. That would give you a measure. Russia may very well take side of UK and US. This would be a huge turn but there is great possibility. And we must take that into consideration in order to predict the future world market.

   And behind the establishment of the Great Britain in the last century was the ancient Judaism.  And the secret society that is manipulating the world has started to notice that behind the ancient Judaism, there was Japan.

    I could see through my psychic vision that Moses had stayed at Yasaka Jinja (Shinto shrine) of Kyoto for quite a period. Moses who lived in a little hill of Yasaka had taught to the people in Kyoto about Jehovah (seventh level figure of god Susanoo). He also taught some weaving and dying techniques. Moses is in fact the origin of the famous Gion festival that carries the sacred box through out the street of Gion. Also the Ise tradition of hanging the Somin Shorai (蘇民将来) decoration in the front entrance seen in this photo is another proof that people believed in Jehovah. 

    Moses had two big lumps on his forehead. It could look like horns. While Moses wandered around the mountains in Kyoto, it created many folk tales about the demon living in the woods.  Folk tales are often true stories. It takes few thousand years to realize it was true.  

    This small shrine worships the aratama (the raging soul) of god Susanoo. It is within the Yasaka Shrine. According to the legend, Somin Shorai had originated here in Yasaka. The truth of the history of Japan is much more than we could ever imagine. I wish Prime Minister Putin would come to visit Gion. I am sure he would enjoy it very much.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live


Sazareishi said...

Somin Shorai was to be believed as the descendent of Jehovah.. historically it is not proven but often has the star sign similar to the Star of David in its literature. It has five points rather than six points. Maybe they changed it to hid the secret ?

You could see the star sign on Wiki蘇民将来
(Somin Shorai)

Sazareishi said...

The name of the cresent (star sign) is 晴明。This means to reveal the truth...

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