Saturday, August 18, 2012

The cause, the beginning of everything

     The economy and finance of all countries are becoming questionable. When we look back into the history, what the nations did when they got stuck was to invade another country.  The people became angry and dissatisfied with the government. The governors who are afraid to loose their vote had tried to solve the problem by raising a battle against the neighbor country. But this pretext would usually end up loosing many of their pupils during the battle. So many lives have been lost in the history all over the world because of the cowardly decisions of the governors who only tries to protect their own position. When there is a problem within their own country, they use war to try and shift the nations attention elsewhere. They say it’s what’s best for the country and end up loosing many men and women killed by the war. We mustn’t forget that even Hitler was elected, chosen by the people of the nation. During the election campaign, he had claimed all the necessary strategies in order to change for a better nation. But the result was killing massive amount of people of his own nation. And even more people outside of his country. Are the people who voted for Hitler responsible for his action?  There is a fundamental error in the election system. Even when the governor makes a drastic change after the election we couldn’t do anything about it. Today, we still see these mistakes happening in many countries. It’s time for the people to wake up to this fact that the politicians are only using war for their benefit.

     Looking at the riots or disorders happening in Europe related to the Euro currency, it seems impossible for the hard working countries to keep on covering up for not so hard working countries. Each country has to be responsible for their own lives. When the nation can become self-sustainable, the nation would be able to raise the percentage of individual’s true satisfaction/rate of happiness.  If they continue to compete the economy statistics just for the sake of numbers on a peace of paper, they will always have to be dependent on other countries. As long as the country is dependent, the unfair laws of another country will always exploit them. It will cause instability and the families will be separated in need to work elsewhere. Spending one short life in one’s birthplace together with a family is a blessing. 
     It is ideal when each country can be independently support its own nation and interact with other countries through cultural exchange only. When the interaction is caused by politics or financial benefits, it will end up as a disadvantage. 

     This morning’s thoughts were about the serious international problem that will rise in early 2013 right after the new years. Everything that happens in this dimension also happens in another dimension. There is the world of yukai in between this 3rd dimension and the world of the dead. In the yukai world, exact same kind of human beings and civilization exists. But the details such as the names or the shapes of the countries are different. In the yukai world, there are many similar parallel worlds. The prophecies are often incorrect. It's not that it was incorrect, but it simply means that one man saw one of the parallel worlds, but in reality another parallel world was mirrored to this 3rd dimension.  Therefore the future is always a blank sheet of paper. We cannot predict which parallel world will be transferred at a certain time.

     The vision I saw about the international problem rising after the new years 
of 2013 is also one of the many dimensions. It’s still possible for a change. When more people are awakened to the sense of gratitude, the new years will come peacefully.  


     What I wanted to say today is that one little election, one little news by the media could cause a horrific end to humanity. There is always that tragic scenario also ready to be transferred from the other dimension. When each governors of each nation could sincerely think for the happiness of its own nation, world peace can be created. But when they compare and compete with others an unhappy ending can be created. We all posses the ability to be happy with what we have.


      This image of the sun was from August 5th. It shows a fissure in the shape of a big snake. The Old Testament talks about the black big snake appearing in front of Adam and Eve. Later we will be seeing a cross. When the big cross appears in the sun, a big shift in human consciousness will occur. And when a large solar flare bursts towards the Earth from this large cross, the beam will erase the idea of “comparing” and “invading” from all human minds. It will happen just like switching off the light within a second. This is one vision I saw from one parallel world. I hope this will happen. I will be observing in a clam manner. But we must continue to have thoughts of “ikashite-itadaite arigato gozaimasu, thank you for letting us live.”


Milan Whitfield said...

Believe it or not, I actually came across your blog via an email group I've been apart of for sometime and it was only after I have woken up from two consecutive "yukai jumps".

What do I mean by a "yukai jump"?

Well more than a year and half ago I started experimenting with my consciousness through meditation MP3's on my iPod. An idea popped into my head one day, "why not try to take a nap while meditating?". Than that's when it all started..

At first I was listening to an hour long Gamma Meditation CD and through the course of that I noticed I was starting to fall asleep. "Good!" I thought, but realized something of a different nature was starting to take place as well.

I started to notice the typical vibrational buzzing one usually associate with OBE's. And with it I would also hear, either independently or along with it, a frequency which would either ascend or descend in pitch. Now keep in mind this took month's too get to this point and didn't happen overnight.

As I would feel my soul rise from my body and 'ascend and descend' just like the frequency from before, I knew that this was an OBE.

But that didn't always happen.. As time grew on - before I would "jump", it would usually mimic the effects of an OBE but my body & soul would remain there and NOT depart. I would lift my hands in front of my face and there would an "invisible shadow" of where my hand should be. THEN, only after I have accepted what the effects were and what would come of me next, THEN I would "yuaki jump" (sorry if this sounds corny haha, I don't know what else too call it).

What would usually happen is that I would wake up and get up and walk around my house. Only to discover that vast amounts of my house has been changed in a drastic way everything from: paintings, pottery,furniture,food, pets (which I DON'T have in this timeline), even the language can be completely different, etc.

At first I thought, "Ok, this is just a lucid dream nothing new here". Then it kept happening after I would meditate and nap. It just kept happening and happening (back to back to back to back) in-till I realized, you know what this isn't normal. This feels more like a parallel reality than anything else..

*I can go on about specific's and wild stories I've seen and family members I've interacted with while on the other side. But I'll let you email me about that if your interested.

What I came to talk to you about today has to do with earth changes and my most recent "jump". So in the middle of the night I found myself racing with thoughts and I was actually meditating (w/ my iPod) while sleeping, this isn't a typical nap you would take in the middle of the day. This was around bedtime, late at night and beyond "dead hour".

So while beings are coming in and talking too me (couldn't quite tell if they were discarded spirits, friendlies or a mix) so I decided to call in some ascended masters Lord Vishnu, Jeshua, guides/teacher's angels and ask for their blessings and support. So after doing that I decided to put everything off to the aside if you will and just focus in on my "my spiritual core" and what my true intentions for the moment.

While doing so (now 4 a.m), I asked gingerly to my guides, "I would like to know whats going to happen in the next few months if that's ok".

Milan Whitfield said...

Instead of my usual meditation tracks, I played a Shaman Heart Resonance CD which I don't listen too all that often. Its a track where it mimics the calls of nature frogs, feet in gravel and what have you. As I listened too it I literally fell into it and soon found myself in my room with the the furniture the same way it was all but a year ago (even with my old HDTV) things again were out of alignment.

Astonished to find that this actually worked, as I haven't done any sort of "jumping" since my stay in Indonesia (CLICK MY GOOGLE NAME FOR MORE INFO). I found myself playing video games - elated to the fact that I was losing and cursing. I am not a big gamer per say, so cursing when I play those rotten things was a surprise haha. While playing it, I noticed water was entering the room and quickly came up to my neck and before that could happen, I felt one of my guides grab my arm and literally pull my soul out OF THAT MILAN. The energy exchange and the suddenness of it all was quite exhilarating & intense.

- - Jump number 2 - -

I found myself in my room again, but oddly enough this was an apartment I've never been too before (building and its inhabitants). As I was unsure if what I was seeing was genuine or not, I always like to look outside too see if anything has changed. I did that and too my horror the sea level has risen to such a degree that this thing was now in place:

(,r:0,s:51,i:245 )

I was shocked to say the least.. There were a few people walking around outside (within the apartment vicinity) looking at this structure, they had the same look of disbelief on their faces as I had. I think there was this one guy doing Tai Chi a little ways before it, looking at the water flopping over bit-by-bit. So this thing was not too be missed... As the journey continued, I explored the complex and realized that this place TRULY wasn't my building and was now in 'our' storage unit. I saw a few things both new and old. Shortly after that I woke up.

*Too be frank, I had to cut this incredibly long (sorry about that) post short. There was a bit about my space family and how they possibly fit into all of this. I had a deep innate feeling when waking up for the second time, that this was somehow connected via, my hybrid children and ET wives ;). It was as if the introduction of the various hybrid beings "up there" were going to help populate(I hate to use this word: repopulate) this world. REALLY NOT 100% on this one though, sorry.*

When I woke up I heard my guides say very clearly, "At least he was alive in this one..", "ALL your friends were dead, you were there to visit their graves". A very bleak tone was undoubtedly present in my room, but of course not in a negative way. This was a fact for THAT REALITY, I was just "visiting" anyway right? Or are we to experience a parallel version of a risen sea level as well? I don't know... That's maybe a question for my guides and ascended masters/teacher's. What do you think about all of this??

I know I threw a lot at you here today. For that you have my thanks.