Friday, November 30, 2012

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The unexpected cause

  I received a revelation about a concept on the human DNA. We are facing global crisis with weather, ocean current, forest the whole natural environment is out of order and destroyed. It is said that the pollution created by humans is the cause. However, the revelation I received tells me that the vibrational energy emanated from the human DNA also takes a big part of the cause.

   The forest becoming feeble is a reflection of the slackness of our DNA. Our DNA has evolved through many centuries and we are part for the great nature. Not only are we part of the great nature, but also the leading model that determines the condition of the whole. Consequently, when we look at the condition of the forest/natural environment of a country, we are able to tell the condition of the nationalitys health/DNA and vice versa.  Even in a country where desert takes most of the land, the wind and the sand movements determines the condition.

   I am saying that the bad condition of the great nature does not affect our DNA so much, but instead, the condition of our DNA affects the great nature in a greater scale.Therefore, when we change our inner world/DNA to a better condition, we are able to save our planet Earth. When we succeed in readjusting our DNA, the great nature will be revitalized and return to the right order.

   And ancestral kuyō takes a big role in the readjustment. The Western religion is lacking the idea of ancestral worship. The destructive side of the Western civilization is because of this lack. Ancestors are the origin of our DNA. And when you are not giving great attention to that fact, it creates a great problem.

   Japan has the potential to save the world, because we still take great importance on ancestral worship. We are capable to become the source of readjustment to all humansDNA.

   Buddha never talked about ancestral worship. But the Japanese Buddhism has incorporated ancestral worship. It uses the title Buddhism but in fact, it has become an original Japanese religion. Kunitoko-tachi-Ookami, the kami of the Chain of Islands of Japan had induced this idea. During the Kamakura Period, the kami led Buddhism to come into Japan and become extremely popular.  Until then, nature worship was the only belief amongst the Japanese people. Buddhism added the idea to heal our personal souls though it is yet under development.

   The idea of nature worship and personal soul healing is still separated in Shintoism and Buddhism. Therefore, having and altar worshiping our source Amaterasu-ohomikami (sun goddess) and underneath the kami-dana having the altar for our ancestors to heal their souls would create an evolution to our DNA. It unites the two (nature worship and personal soul healing) together and reconnects the right spiritual alignment. 

   The first person who realized and challenged this idea was Nichiren (see Dictionary-IseHakusando). But he did not succeed.

   The honey-bees need the queen bee. She procreates children endlessly. The ecology of the bees takes the hexagon shape. This is a reflection of the foundation of the universe. The sun goddess, Amaterasu-ohomikami is our queen bee.  One day, the science may catch up to the idea I am telling you now.

   Ancestral kuyō is essential to change our DNA.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.

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