Thursday, June 18, 2015

Until the human beings measured, "this world of reality did not exist" - part3

No.1 "Quantum (this world of reality) was naught, and only when it was measured by humans, it appears for the first time."

No.2 Humans also need to be measured and receive attention in order to grow well. 

From the result of the experiment of quantum, we now understand these two points. The next important question is, "What is the relationship between the Measurer and the subject? " and the "Observer and the subject that was born by being observed?"

When we think about this, we must not forget that in the experiment to get the result No.1, the researcher was the measurer. And the quantum that was newly born in that moment was given birth by that particular researcher.  When another researcher measures, a different quantum will be measured. 

This is a big key to unlock the truth!

"The Observer and the subject that was born by being observed."
Further more, the idea can be developed to say, "All that you are seeing are dependent on yourself. " The subjects that you are seeing cannot exist without you. 

For example, "While you are still taking care and looking after your child, you are projecting yourself onto the child." From a quantum point of view, know that "your child is you" and you are angry, crying, and feeling joy through the child who is yourself. From a quantum point of view, when you are scolding your child, you are being spiritually angry at yourself.

Another insight is that when several adults are looking at one child, the impression that each adult have for the child would be all very different. They all see the child from a different point of view. Hence, when the third party tries to describe the child, they would all have a different picture.  

But all of these pictures are illusions, except for the actual existence of the child. The parent of the child may have the closest image of the child, yet still a picture is just an image.

When you think this way, the child becomes simply an illusion created by the parent. The spiritual understanding has been explaining this in the past. And people stopped thinking this way because it seems to be a worthless idea. The sense of reality is lost. 

Lets looks at the Ten Ox Herding of Zen teaching. Once you complete the tenth, you go back to the first step again. This is quite true in my understanding.

From the level of quantum, remember that "when you look at your child and think he/she is bad, he/she is only bad in your eyes."  From another person's eyes, the same child looks different. There is always something to be grateful for. 

Your child was born from you as your projection. So don't be flustered but put yourself together. Straightening yourself is the most important thing says the quantum theory. While you are having affairs outside of marriage, and not paying attention to your child, there is no growth by scolding your child.

The parent = the projector = the measurer, who created the child must change in order for the child to change. 

Therefore, when the parent cares for his/her ancestors (adjusting one's DNA) and send gratitude towards them as well as to one's Innate God, these acts would influence the child greatly. Those who cannot rely on their parents should work their own life by being honest and hardworking and at the same time, send gratitude towards your ancestors (adjusting one's DNA) as well as to your Innate God. Then you have nothing to worry about. 

Don't give up!  Everything will start to change. Nothing stays the same.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

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