Sunday, August 31, 2008

Taka-no-miya of Ise Gegū

Q.. Bulgarian bio-energy healer Vera Kocshevska*, according to the former Soviet Science Academy, ”There is probably no one on this planet who posses more supernatural power than Vera.” When she visited Japan, the crew showed her the map of Japan and asked her where she would want to go. She pointed exactly to Ise Gegū. When she visited the Gegū, she said she had witnessed Jehovah in a little structure near the main building.

A.. I sense that little structure is Taka-no-miya. This small building is on a small hill. When I visited this place, I sensed that in ancient time, some foreigners came to this hill and dug about 5 meter into the ground and buried a coffin. Later a small shrine was build on top of this. It was a very peculiar sensation. If someone actually dug under this shrine and found out who is buried there, the whole ancient history might be turned upside down.

Q.. It is very interesting what you mentioned about Taka-no-miya. When you say, “you sense … “, does it mean you actually see the vision or is it an intuitive knowing? How long ago did these foreigners come here?

A.. In my case, a lot of information comes with in seconds. It’s hard to explain but I just understand what happened in an intuition kind of manner. How long ago? … I sense it is over three thousand years ago.

Q.. Taka-no-miya is an interesting place. I sensed an older man with a beard. I’m wondering who that is?

A.. That is Moses. He buried The Ten Commandment Carved in Stone under the main shrine of Taka-no-miya about three thousand years ago. On the way back, he lost his strength and died around Ishikawa Prefecture of today. Taka-no-miya was built about one thousand years later.

* Vera Kochovska: In 2006, the President of Bulgaria, gave the President's medal of honor to Vera Kochovska, a 61-year-old woman who has been Bulgaria's most famous clairvoyant since sightless prophetess Vanga died in 1996. Vera was acknowledged for her supernatural powers and charity efforts.

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