Friday, September 5, 2008

The Grand Shrine of Ise, Gegū part 2

Q.. Is the Innate God different from Kongenshin – the Root God that resides at Gegū?

A.. The Gegū energy connects with the North Star. This is where the seeds of all life on earth derive from. Through my spirit vision, I can see the champagne gold Light Pillar descending from the North Star to the Gegū (the outer womb) and all lives spreading out on earth from this Light Pillar. In the past lives of earth, the North Star was positioned differently from this life cycle, so the Light Pillar was in a different place. In this life time it just so happens to be placed in Ise in Japan. (When you nurture your innate god, it will eventually become one with Kongenshin – the Root God).

Underneath the center of the building of The Grand Shrine of Ise, it is said that a very large piece of wooden pillar is buried vertically. It connects earth and heaven. I sense that this is actually a stone pillar rather than wood. From now on, there will stand many many pillars of Kamibito* who walks around the earth.

Naigū is clean and pure in the morning. But by later afternoon, it is contaminated. Some tourists come in drunk and foreigners spit on the ground. This is very sad and unfortunate for Japan. However the priests of this shrine are excellent. In the morning the divine pureness is back again. This is fascinating.

In my reading, at the Naigū, I can only sense the spirits of the Imperial Family. Many spirit mediums have said that Amaterasu-Ohomikami is a male god. That is because these people are sensing the energy of the Naigū where the male emperors are buried.

But thanks to Naigū which attracts more tourists, Gegū and Izawa-no-miya, remains pure. It is all meant to be through the divine order.

Q.. You have mentioned that the Gegū and the North Star are connected. Is there anywhere else on this planet that is connected to the North Star at present? Where in the past was it connected?

A.. At present I sense….. on this planet only Gegū is connected. In the past…. It seems the place is not on the current map. The places are now under the sea.

At the Gegū, I have registered the North Star and the Big Dipper several times in my brain. Gegū is a place beyond gods. There exists a No Name of the universe. This is a place where you connect to that “One and Only”. Gegū is officially said to worship Toyouke-Ōkami. This was more or less added later, so Naigū is honored more than Gegū, since absolute value had to be placed on the Emperor’s royal family. Ise Shinto was created later to act against this matter, which I deeply honor.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

*Kamibito – A man who has become united with a higher righteous god during one’s life

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